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Wordpress logo Since WordPress 2.3 hit it introduced tagging into the back end system, allowing blog owners a simple way to associate quick terms of information to their posts and display a tag cloud on their blog. Now this all may well seem all well and good, but was the addition of any value? Personally I think adding a tagging system is a move forward, but it was handled in the wrong way. It’s far to basic and does not share your tagging data at all.

Tagging not only allows the visitor a quick and easy way to see what a blog blogs about most (via the tag cloud) it also acts as a simple search to a collection of content surrounding a certain keyword. But tagging, as far as I am concerned is much more than that. Tagging when put in a social environment helps paint a rich tapestry of what bloggers, and the web, is talking about.

At this point of course I am talking about blogging networking services like the popular Technorati. Not only can bloggers benefit from the traffic and ;

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