TylerCruz.com – Blog Review

For my first review I decided to take a look at a blog which I myself have been reading for some time.

Tyler Cruz’s blog revolves around his internet entrepreneur life and his antics online. I have been reading his blog for over a year now, and recently subscribed to the RSS feed on offer. What first attracted me to his blog was it’s down to earth and honest writing style when approaching such topics as buying and selling domains, big blogging and of course making money online. Unfortunately recently the blog seems to have moved away somewhat from the more personal posts and now seems more concentrated on reviewing and monetization and now features more than one poster, removing that personal touch, but of course we all need to make progress, and Tyler has done so fast with his blog and I commend that. Those of you who decide to take a visit can expect posts on such topics as making money online, statistics, domains and more.

A really interesting blog detailing the goings on of a true internet entrepreneur, check it out:
Internet Entrepreneur