The Time It Takes To Build A Time Machine

Apologies for the lack of updates this week, it’s been a busy one, with easter and University work (more on that soon) taking up a lot of my time.

Today’s blog post is about how an idea went from concept to being live on the web within less than a few hours, and within a day having received over 30,000 unique hits.

The time it takes to build a time machine is (according to merely a few hours, as Jon has, in the space of a short few days gone from concept, to approaching a developer and having the site up and running and successfully having people from all over the globe using the service; which is an email time machine. Send an email to yourself in the future, sure such sites already exist, but the impressive thing here (for me at least) is the rate in which the site was created and fully working.

Time Machine

You can check out Jon’s posts about the sites creation here and an even view a quick update here. Looking for a developer, then this is the guy who made the site in record time, and finally of course, here is the time machine its self. Impressive web development.

UPDATE: TimeMachiner has now been sold.

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