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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-31

  • Time for Sunday dinner. Note to self: Backup Macbook when I get home. #
  • VidZone for the PS3, interesting. Hope it has a nice selection of videos on offer. We shall see. #
  • My Time Machine Hard Drive is full, it’s now deleting old backups. I’m in dire need of more storage space. #
  • Job hunting online at 3am. Fun! #
  • Finally updating Safari to version 4. Annoying tabs ahoy? #
  • Listening to all four parts of Planisphère by Justice. Love it. #
  • Not sure which @woothemes to pick, I can choose any one for free due to their T-Shirt giveaway: http://is.gd/F8SA Decisions, decisions… #
  • Watching @dabookerman doing some 3D work for @gamebrit. Nifty. #
  • Just got feedback from some Uni work. Higher mark than I was expecting. It will do. #
  • RT @gamebrit New GTA IV DLC announced: The Ballad of Gay Tony, also coming to retail: http://is.gd/FCKH #
  • Just gave inFamous a go, need to give it some more time later, seems fun so far. #
  • RT @TheNextWeb The most geeky tattoo, ever. – The Next Web http://bit.ly/h7yq9 (via @tweetmeme) #
  • Listening to the Jaguar Skills Gaming Mix: http://is.gd/I6Da #
  • And I’m already impressed, Justice and Daft Punk. #
  • Is it just me who has troubles with Safari and the WordPress backend? #
  • Nice hypothetical Olympic 2012 posters: http://is.gd/Ibb9 Love how he hasn’t used the official logo! (via @mikekus) #
  • Checking out the Google Wave video: http://wave.google.com/ #
  • RT @dysonism Toy Story 3 trailer! Wooo 😀 http://bit.ly/9io2F #
  • RT @abduzeedo #fridaygiveaway: Got a Pixelmator license http://bit.ly/J5uZi to give away, just RT this to participate! #
  • After a few days using Safari, I am back on Firefox. #
  • RT @gamebrit Want to know when the big three press conferences are on this year at E3? UK times (GMT) can be found here: http://is.gd/JT9h #
  • The weather is lovely again today. Sitting down in the sun preparing some stuff for @gamebrit’s E3 coverage. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-24

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-10

  • The Apple Store is down, interesting. #
  • RT @gamebrit Hey folks, another new #thegreatindoors comic is up for your viewing pleasure on Gamebrit: http://is.gd/wpIm #
  • I wish Lincoln had a Pret a Manger. #
  • Checking out some pictures from #FOWD on Flickr. #
  • Handy little trick to get super quick access to recently used application in your dock: http://is.gd/wEKt #
  • Just made a tasty Lasagne, yum. Now Uni work looms. #
  • RT @tweetmeme Apple To Buy Twitter? | Twitter Bulletin http://bit.ly/HOxSQ #
  • My business cards came today. I will be sure to blog about it soon enough. #
  • Working on my last ever assignment for University. #
  • Checking out what 1 vs. 100 on Xbox Live is going to be like, I want to play! http://is.gd/xf5H #
  • My Internet is going frustratingly slow. #
  • This is cheeky: http://bit.ly/wc8eM
    Boo Xbox Live! #
  • Having troubles trying to get a footer to stick to the bottom of a page. #
  • Duke Nukem For-Never, an article I wrote for @TheLinc on how the Duke may never be seen again: http://is.gd/y1m7 #
  • Just found out Keifer Sutherland is facing assault charges for allegedly headbutting some guy, and season 8 filming begins next month. #
  • Putting a music playlist together with @elizabethfish for a party later. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-03

  • Dam punk kids…. #
  • My business cards have been dispatched, yay! Hope they show up for Wednesday. #
  • My MacBook is going super slow today, not cool. #
  • RT @thelinc: Leaked correspondence shows that SU was interested in hosting Carnage in Lincoln. More at http://ow.ly/463p #
  • RT @TheNextWeb This is BIG. Facebook officially opens up the news stream. – The Next Web http://bit.ly/4OoZM (via @tweetmeme) #
  • A backlash to today’s Facebook news is pretty much guaranteed I think. Watch this space. #
  • RT @gamebrit Feature by @RobBurgess detailing the upcoming OnLive service: http://is.gd/uWQ5 #
  • News just in, train fares are expensive. More at 11. #
  • Really need to pack for #FOWD in the morning. #
  • I am going to sleep well tonight. Here I come dream land. #
  • Please don’t run out of ink Mr. Printer. #
  • Handed in my dissertation. Yes! #
  • Finally home, time to chill. #
  • It’s Apprentice time! #
  • Need to get to sleep, up early for a train to London tomorrow for #FOWD. #
  • On the train down to London, using the onboard Wi-Fi. #FOWD #
  • Typical, UPS just updated with ‘Out For Delivery, Lincoln’. #
  • Just got to #FOWD. @higoodbarry is kitting me out with some Kimono. Later I eat cake. #
  • #FOWD just started, I’m sat in the fourth row. #
  • “We’re in this field, because we have short attention spans. There’s something new out there everyday.” – Jim Coudal #fowd (via @utku) #
  • Listening to Meagan Fisher talking mobile web design. #FOWD #
  • Swine flu at #FOWD http://twitpic.com/49ivy (via @yaili) #
  • Just tried Microsoft Surface, really impressive. #
  • Mark Boulton “Typography’s not on the web, it IS the web” #fowd http://twitpic.com/49kr1 (via @yaili) #
  • “I dont think comic sans is completely bad. Its all about context” #fowd (via @simonmcmanus) #
  • fascinating watching a blind user navigate the BBC site with a screen reader. Total eye opener #fowd (via @aarmitage) #
  • Microsoft are on stage explaining Watchmen via Surface….yeah. #FOWD #
  • Some pics of Microsoft showing off Surface: http://twitpic.com/49twa http://twitpic.com/49twb (via @vladgeorgescu) #FOWD #
  • Everyone is looking pretty bored. We get it, you can move pictures around on Surface. #FOWD #
  • I’m not clapping this. Yeah, rebel! #FOWD. #
  • I guess you have to look back, before you can look forward. #FOWD #
  • But yeah come on, make with the ‘Future’ already. #FOWD #
  • That picked up at the end. 🙂 #FOWD #
  • This is far more engaging. #FOWD #
  • Something ugly happened with #ie8 – compatibility mode – @mollydotcom #FOWD so true. (via @aarmitage) #
  • Spot the rouge tweet in my FOWD feed: http://is.gd/vE5A I’m looking at you @permanenttemps, lol. #
  • Don’t worry twitter followers my FOWD tweets are over for today. #
  • Heading into central london to meet @dabookerman and @permanenttemps. #
  • Just about to catch the train back to Lincoln after a fun few days in London. Just got some Wi-Fi, 158 emails, boo. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-26

  • In the library with @ElNacho, it’s so dam hot in here. #
  • 24 time. #
  • Ah no time for 24, heading out to the Lincoln SU Media Awards. #
  • Good luck to all those nominated at tonights SU Media Awards, especially @elizabethfish and the @thelinc! #
  • Jai Ho just came on at this award ceremony. Yes! #
  • Congrats to @thelinc for winning best reporting of the year. #
  • RT @tweetmeme Win a Tweetie License | Twitter Bulletin http://bit.ly/14DebL #
  • Two pieces of junk mail today, Virgin Media, I’m not in a cable area so stop trying, and really, a lawn care service? I live in a flat. #
  • In the library, work, work, work. #
  • Just got done watching this week’s Apprentice, enjoyed it tonight, fun creative task. #
  • Just renewed my Flickr Pro account for another year. #
  • RT @jonwheatley Yahoo just pulled the plug on Geocities. It’s the end of an era. 🙁 http://is.gd/u7TP #
  • Just ordered some business cards, hope they turn up before FOWD London next week. #
  • RT @TheNextWeb Blogs aren’t dead. They are maturing! – The Next Web http://bit.ly/13nqVY (via @tweetmeme) #
  • Listening to Biffy Clyro now. I am a mountain, I am the sea! #
  • I joined twitter 490 days ago – http://whendidyoujointwitter.com ? #
  • Just sat in the office and then out of silence I hear a Dixie Horn from a passing car outside. Burnout anyone? #
  • The Apple Mighty Mouse is far from mighty, in fact its god awful. #
  • Finally booked the hotel for London next week. #

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