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WooThemes offer – 4 for the price of 1

This ain’t no April Fools. WooThemes, the creator’s of fine premium wordpress themes are for one day only offering an additional three free themes when you buy one. So you get four great WordPress themes for the price of one, and amazing offer, but for only one day!

WooThemes have added a lot of great new themes to their portfolio recently so be sure to check it out when making your choices.

Gmail gets themes

Gmail, the popular email service from Google which launched back in 2004 and is still in some form of beta, yesterday announced that a choice of themes are now available, this news comes only days after the Gmail team added loads of new ‘labs’ options along with video chat right within Gmail. The themes are being introduced to allow users to spice up the look of there inbox, if they so desire.

All you have to do if you want to change the look of your favorite email service is head on over to the settings page, and hit the theme tab, once there you will be presented with a healthy selection of new themes to choose from, ranging from simple colour tweaks to radical background changes. I think I will probably just go for a simple colour change as I like the simplicity of my ever busy inbox.


If you can’t see the option to choose a theme yet, fear not, as Google are rolling out the update to all users over the next few days. Be sure to let me know what theme you choose by leaving a comment.

Another New WooThemes Theme

The guys over at WooThemes are bringing them thick and fast as yet another quality premium wordpress theme has been released. WooThemes club members must be pleased!

The new theme is called ‘Fresh Folio’ and is a mix between two older themes bringing together both a portfolio style theme and a blog theme. Together this new theme offers a nice balance for the professional wanting to show off their work yet still have a blog on the homepage. Check it out now!

WooThemes - Finally a themes club that is here to stay

Sign up for Jack’s Newsletter and win!

i am jack’s design is a blog which I have been reading ever since I joined Entrecard back in December, and has since become an almost daily read, he even got some recent link love! Jack’s blog is worth checking out as week in, week out helpful well written content is posted.

Now Jack has launched his very own newsletter which will feature exclusive content which can’t be found on his blog, including tips on web development, wordpress and more. What’s all the more sweeter is that those that sign up now to his new newsletter will be entered into a launch contest to win Adii’s Premium News Theme. This launch contest closes on the 7th of March, so be sure to sign up, I know I will be!

Bloggin-Ads Updates

A few days back I reviewed Bloggin-Ads, in the review I recommended possibly getting a custom theme. Now only days later Mike has posted about his new custom theme, and it’s live.

The new Bloggin-Ads.com

The new design, which even carries over the old colour scheme (see above) is now live on Bloggin-Ads, so check it out. Congratulations to Mike & Michelle on there new theme, I hope it brings in new readers!