Free review offer over

Just a quick update to inform you all that my offer for free reviews is now over. Many thanks to all of the blogs that requested a review! Be sure to keep checking (or subscribe) to for more reviews.

BlogReviews#1: DailyNintendo

Before I begin, just a quick word, hoping you all had a good Christmas. For the first in a series of blog reviews I will be taking a look at DailyNintendo. DailyNintendo, as the name suggests, is a blog which concentrates on aiming to deliver daily news about the popular videogaming company Nintendo. The site… Continue reading BlogReviews#1: DailyNintendo

Free Blog Reviews

That’s right, from now until the end of January I shall be offering free blog reviews on If you would like your blog reviewing just check the following conditions and get in touch: Your blog must have been active for over 30 days. No blogs featuring explicit or illegal content. I can decline to… Continue reading Free Blog Reviews

Say hello to Entrecard

If you have never visited there is a good chance you are here thanks to Entrecard, but if you are here wondering what Entrecard is then this blog post sets out to explain this new ‘Web 2.0’ service. Entrecard ( is a recently launched website which offers the opportunity to share a ‘digital business… Continue reading Say hello to Entrecard