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Good Connection News!

Finally! I have finally been given a date as to when my Broadband will be connected, and its just under 4 days away. My connection will go active on the 19th, which is pretty much a month since I moved, which is frankly ridiculous but hey it’s nice to finally know when things will all be connected!

Once the connection is active normal blogging will resume here at ChrisBrandrick.com along with new opportunities to get your site reviewed or advertised here, so keep a look out for that. In the mean time if your interested in advertising on my blog the 125×125 spot on the right sidebar is soon to be available at a cost of $17 USD’s a month, so if you want in or just want to ask any questions get the early bird email to me now at: chrisbrandrick@gmail.com. It will be nice to return back online to a few emails from my readers!

See you on Monday!

Free review offer over

Just a quick update to inform you all that my offer for free reviews is now over. Many thanks to all of the blogs that requested a review! Be sure to keep checking (or subscribe) to ChrisBrandrick.com for more reviews.

Free Blog Reviews – Last Few Days

Back in December I posted that in till the end of January I will be offering free blog reviews here at ChrisBrandrick.com, well that offer is almost up, so if you want your blog reviewed for free, be sure to check out my offer as it expires in only three days.

I have received over 50 requests for reviews so far, so keep them coming. I consider this free blogging offer to be a success, considering the amount of requests I received, these reviews provide not only content but possible backlinks and writing experience for me. Please remember that not all blogs will get reviewed, but over the next few months a majority of those 50 will be. 

Only a few days remain, so get your free review now.

BlogReviews#3: Review Bunker

This is the third post in my series of BlogReviews, if you are interested in receiving a free blog review, please click here to find out more information.

ReviewBunker is a relatively new blog which launched in November of last year. It has a simple yet ambitious goal to review ‘everything’. It would probably be more appropriate to say that ReviewBunker will review ‘anything’.

To those new to the site you are instantly greeted with a simple yet concise blurb of text as to what the blog is about, which contains links to other sections of the site, this is a great way of letting visitors know what your about, although a suggested addition to this front page presence would be to add a link to the ‘request review‘ page.

The content on ReviewBunker is random to say the least, and for those of you looking for a review blog which concentrates on a specific area then this blog is not for you. ReviewBunker covers a wide range of products, websites and services from things like Brownie Cake Mix, Office boxes, even movies and restaurants. Despite this random mix, the writing is very concise and informative as well as pleasantly informal. If you do happen to find a review that takes your interest then I recommend reading it, as without a doubt it will be helpful.

ReviewBunker also offers readers the opportunity to become a guest blogger and review anything for the blog, so if you are looking for an outlet to review something, or anything, then this may be worth checking out.

The site uses a free blog design, which is customized with an appropriate header image, the colour scheme is easy on the eyes and overall flows well, and boasts well integrated AdSense adverts. Oh, and it has the Entrecard widget, which is great.

My only concern for ReviewBunker is that its content area is to broad, and it may be wise to cut this down, visitors will never know what to expect. Maybe even just reviewing offline products exclusively, and not reviewing websites. Reduce confusion.

A well written blog, with potential to shine. Focus and concentrate your niche to a more specific area, and keep up the good work.


BlogReviews#2: Bloggin-Ads

This review is part of my free blog review offer.

Bloggin-Ads impressively aims to review a new blog every single day. The owner claims that his inspiration for creating the site was to enable smaller sites to get some exposure along with helpful advice, and I admire that goal.

This site has a really impressive backlog of blog entries, and as although it may not be an actual review every day, it appears Mike and his wife sure have been posting consistently since the blog started in October of last year (see archives). The daily posts made are informative, detailed, and in some instances can offer solid advice and ‘food for thought’ for any blogger. All posts offer up social link options, like bookmarking and adding to digg for example, a good move which will help bring in new and returning visitors. Other positive social aspects of the blog include MyBlogLog and Blogosphere widgets among others.

Additionally to Mike and Michelle posting on Bloggin-Ads the site also employs an interesting user-content style approach which allows registered users the opportunity to have their own review(s) posted. These reviews can be about a blog of the users choosing, and of course their own. This is a unique way of gaining additional content, and a nice way for start up bloggers to get some external exposure and link-backs. It’s like guest blogging for all, an open way for the blog owners to get more blog posts, and more importantly they can pick and choose.

The site has an About page which actually informs the reader what the site is about, it’s inspirations, and it’s overall goals, if only the same could be said for mine! More blogs, mine included, need to work on there about pages. Here is a good post from Skelliewag about writing a good about page. Other pages include the advertising page, which offers up ;

BlogReviews#1: DailyNintendo

Before I begin, just a quick word, hoping you all had a good Christmas.

For the first in a series of blog reviews I will be taking a look at DailyNintendo.

DailyNintendo, as the name suggests, is a blog which concentrates on aiming to deliver daily news about the popular videogaming company Nintendo. The site appears to have started posting Nintendo news back in March of 2007 and since then has been reporting ;

Free Blog Reviews

That’s right, from now until the end of January I shall be offering free blog reviews on ChrisBrandrick.com. If you would like your blog reviewing just check the following conditions and get in touch:

  • Your blog must have been active for over 30 days.
  • No blogs featuring explicit or illegal content.
  • I can decline to review any blog.
  • A backlink to my blog on your site (in any form, be it a blog post or text link) would be appreciated.

The reviews will feature my opinions on your area of content, the content itself, blog design, update frequency and so on. The reviews will be done on first come first served basis. You will receive notification from me when your blog review goes live on the site, or if you get declined. Just use the following form to get in touch, and be sure to include all the necessary details!


Thanks for the submissions in advance!

Say hello to Entrecard

If you have never visited ChrisBrandrick.com there is a good chance you are here thanks to Entrecard, but if you are here wondering what Entrecard is then this blog post sets out to explain this new ‘Web 2.0’ service.

Entrecard (www.entrecard.com) is a recently launched website which offers the opportunity to share a ‘digital business card’ via your own personal blog. It’s a simple yet brilliant concept which allows site owners to widen there online horizons, find new blogs, advertise their own blog, and up their RSS count.

Upon signing up you create an advert that represents your site, and then start earning credit to use on advertising. Credit is earned via sharing your advert (entrecard/business card) on other peoples site, and when others leave there card for you to check out.

With this credit building up, it can then be used to advertise your card on a external blog of your choice (depending on several factors).

My Entrecard section can be seen on the right side of my blog under ‘Blog of the day’, so if you are already a user drop me your card! The site is growing fast and with good reason, it offers a free way to advertise and a superb way to expand your network.


TylerCruz.com – Blog Review

For my first review I decided to take a look at a blog which I myself have been reading for some time.

Tyler Cruz’s blog revolves around his internet entrepreneur life and his antics online. I have been reading his blog for over a year now, and recently subscribed to the RSS feed on offer. What first attracted me to his blog was it’s down to earth and honest writing style when approaching such topics as buying and selling domains, big blogging and of course making money online. Unfortunately recently the blog seems to have moved away somewhat from the more personal posts and now seems more concentrated on reviewing and monetization and now features more than one poster, removing that personal touch, but of course we all need to make progress, and Tyler has done so fast with his blog and I commend that. Those of you who decide to take a visit can expect posts on such topics as making money online, statistics, domains and more.

A really interesting blog detailing the goings on of a true internet entrepreneur, check it out:
Internet Entrepreneur

Welcome to my blog!

Hello World!

This blog will include irregular ramblings of my life along with reviews and updates and news on my websites. Enjoy!