This review is part of my free blog review offer.

Bloggin-Ads impressively aims to review a new blog every single day. The owner claims that his inspiration for creating the site was to enable smaller sites to get some exposure along with helpful advice, and I admire that goal.

This site has a really impressive backlog of blog entries, and as although it may not be an actual review every day, it appears Mike and his wife sure have been posting consistently since the blog started in October of last year (see archives). The daily posts made are informative, detailed, and in some instances can offer solid advice and ‘food for thought’ for any blogger. All posts offer up social link options, like bookmarking and adding to digg for example, a good move which will help bring in new and returning visitors. Other positive social aspects of the blog include MyBlogLog and Blogosphere widgets among others.

Additionally to Mike and Michelle posting on Bloggin-Ads the site also employs an interesting user-content style approach which allows registered users the opportunity to have their own review(s) posted. These reviews can be about a blog of the users choosing, and of course their own. This is a unique way of gaining additional content, and a nice way for start up bloggers to get some external exposure and link-backs. It’s like guest blogging for all, an open way for the blog owners to get more blog posts, and more importantly they can pick and choose.

The site has an About page which actually informs the reader what the site is about, it’s inspirations, and it’s overall goals, if only the same could be said for mine! More blogs, mine included, need to work on there about pages. Here is a good post from Skelliewag about writing a good about page. Other pages include the advertising page, which offers up ;