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Recent PCWorld Posts

I have neglected my blog a fair bit this past month, so I figured I ought to update it with what I’m up to at least. So below is a list of my recent posts over at the Geek Tech blog on PCWorld:

The above is just a selection of what I have written for the Geek Tech blog this month, you can find more of my articles on the site. I intend to update my blog, in a similar fashion to Daniel Ionescu, with a summary of my posts on a regular basis, so be sure to keep checking back.

Writing for PCWorld

Earlier this month I landed a writing position over at PCWorld.com. I was reccomended for a position at the sites Geek Tech blog by fellow writer and friend Daniel Ionescu.

PCWorldBelow is a small handful of articles I have wrote for the site since my first article went live, be sure to check them out, and leave your thoughts:

These are just a few of what I have wrote so far, no doubt I will keep this blog updated with my postings over at Geek Tech. You can follow Geek Tech on Twitter.