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Winning Wednesday #1: 500 Entrecard Credits

For the first winning wedensday here at ChrisBrandrick.com the prize is simply 500 entrecard credits. If you don’t know what entrecard is, or haven’t signed up for this blogging service yet, be sure to read about it here.

As detailed in my earlier post all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is subscribe to my rss feed via email, simple! Of course for this competition you also have to be an entrecard member so I can deliver your prize.

The winner will be announced early Thursday (tomorrow) morning, so be sure to keep a look out on your inboxes for any winning emails. Winners will also be revealed here on the blog. Oh and for those of you interested the winner will be picked at random via the services of Random.org.

You have 24 hours, so get subscribing! Good luck and don’t forget once you have subscribed you are automatically entered  in every other Winning Wednesday this month!

Affiliate Lounge Giveaway

Affiliate Lounge is the blog of Phillip van Coller and he blogs about making money online via affiliate programs, and other web news. This useful blog is currently being super useful to Entrecard users as it is offering 500 entrecard credits to whoever makes a blog post like this, and links back to Affiliate Lounge.

Check the blog out now and be sure to enter the giveaway if you are a Entrecard user. (Only 40 spots available)