I recently outlined my plans to be making £100 ($200) per month from this blog by the end of 2008, and although this may not seem like much to some bigger bloggers, I think its a realistic goal that I have good chance of reaching.

In order to monetize my blog I decided to sign up for ;


  1. As much as I thought Smorty was great (from ads, etc), it isn’t actually hat nice. They basically give you two offers that are related to software or hosting, or anything else and they stay on there for AGES. Like, you would get the offer, write it up, then get the same exact thing (with different name) a couple of weeks later. I basically stopped using it after the first two because I was making better money at PayPerPost, PayU2Blog, and even Sponsored Reviews. It’s not worth waiting weeks to get the same thing over and over.

    And yes, I know you’re probably getting paid $6 for it, but you could get so much more from other sites. Not just for spammy type places either!

    Found you by Entrecard by the way! 😀

  2. You talked me into at least checking out Smorty. I hope you get some sort of credit for me linking from you to them. Jessica’s comment doesn’t make it sound very promising, but I will let you know how it goes. 😕

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