Say hello to Entrecard

If you have never visited there is a good chance you are here thanks to Entrecard, but if you are here wondering what Entrecard is then this blog post sets out to explain this new ‘Web 2.0’ service.

Entrecard ( is a recently launched website which offers the opportunity to share a ‘digital business card’ via your own personal blog. It’s a simple yet brilliant concept which allows site owners to widen there online horizons, find new blogs, advertise their own blog, and up their RSS count.

Upon signing up you create an advert that represents your site, and then start earning credit to use on advertising. Credit is earned via sharing your advert (entrecard/business card) on other peoples site, and when others leave there card for you to check out.

With this credit building up, it can then be used to advertise your card on a external blog of your choice (depending on several factors).

My Entrecard section can be seen on the right side of my blog under ‘Blog of the day’, so if you are already a user drop me your card! The site is growing fast and with good reason, it offers a free way to advertise and a superb way to expand your network.