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James McDonald is an 18 year old web designer from Scotland, and for those of you that read my blog you may remember the name from his old blog, EatFruitPlease. James no longer writes for that blog, but has recently opened a new blog under the name ‘‘ which concentrates on web design along with offering superb web design services.

If you need a web site designing then James is well worth checking out, take a glance over his portfolio for yourself, and if thats not enough to sway you subscribers to my RSS feed via email can receive an additional 25% discount off their first order at All you have to do is look out for the promotional code in your inbox if you are an email subscriber to, if not subscribe; the code will be sent out to new subscribers daily. To use your promotional code just mention it when ordering through!

The 25% promotional code is valid for all of April. Flockey deliver high quality website design.


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