Promote your RSS feed for free!

RSS LaptopAs a blogger or website owner no doubt you will have an RSS feed (like mine) which you want to promote. If so you may want to continue reading, as in this post below is a list of 10 websites that will help promote your RSS feed for free, and all you have to do (in most cases) is simply insert your feed address! Promoting your feed like this is a simple quick and easy way to spread the word about your blog or website. So start adding your address to the below sites, and benefit from the potential of more visitors and subscribers:

It wont take long to add your feed to the above sites, and within minutes your feed will be in several blog directories ready for others to find.

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  1. it really only took minutes to submit to these 🙂 there are some RSS directories with quite complicated submissions and lots of info filling up … these you listed here are very straightforward

  2. Thanks for the list — I’ve made use of it!

    I dont’ subscribe to rss via email though. I get too much mail as it is now and read all my rss via the web.


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