Free Blog Reviews

That’s right, from now until the end of January I shall be offering free blog reviews on If you would like your blog reviewing just check the following conditions and get in touch: Your blog must have been active for over 30 days. No blogs featuring explicit or illegal content. I can decline to… Continue reading Free Blog Reviews

Say hello to Entrecard

If you have never visited there is a good chance you are here thanks to Entrecard, but if you are here wondering what Entrecard is then this blog post sets out to explain this new ‘Web 2.0’ service. Entrecard ( is a recently launched website which offers the opportunity to share a ‘digital business… Continue reading Say hello to Entrecard

Not so Magsafe.

A little personal post today about something which is bothering me, and that Macbook owners should be aware of. In January I bought myself a Macbook as I was long overdue a laptop. Since then me and my mac have enjoyed a great relationship, where it worked, and I was happy. In fact I am… Continue reading Not so Magsafe.

Upgraded to 2.3

Tonight I have upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, which is 2.3. The new version has several neat new features so be sure to upgrade if you haven’t yet by visiting the WordPress site.

GoFirefox is a site I set up over a year ago to see and experiment with how much could be earned from Google’s Firefox download scheme. The scheme is part of AdSense and offers users the chance to download the Firefox browser with the Google toolbar pre-installed. The site is simply designed, offers a brief… Continue reading

Polar Clock

I have added a download section to the blog today, which obviously enough will feature recommended downloads. So without further a due here is my first recommendation. Polar Clock is a neat little screensaver from pixelbreaker, it’s currently available for both Mac and PC (and as mac dashboard widget). Essentially it’s just a clock but… Continue reading Polar Clock

Daily Lit

Recently a friend recommended an interesting little website, DailyLit is a simple site which through the power of email (and RSS) you can read a book of your choice. The site has a simple clean look and it just requires you to choose a book from the somewhat small selection, and sign up via email… Continue reading Daily Lit