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LoveYouSo Valentines Day is here, and what better way to celebrate this loving day (I can think of several…) than spreading some e-love right here online. Wikipedia has some interesting facts about Valentines Day and it’s history along with how things change in different country’s and cultures, worth checking out, be an educated lover!

But yes anyway, on to the love, below is a long list of blogs I deem worthy of checking out (or just blogs of friends!), so why not give them a little love today and click through, you may find something you like, or even love. Also if your feeling generous maybe you to can blog about other blogs you like, spread some love guys! The blogs below are in no form of order:

That’s a lot of love! Enjoy your link love, and be sure to spread some yourself! Happy Valentines Day!
Photo by Andrew Jalali


  1. It’s going great thanks Drew, check out my shots over on flickr, trying to figure out how to take HDR shots at the moment. 😕

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