Learning to drive

I posted on New Years Day about my goals for 2008 and it seems I am already making the first moves towards this goal.

I received a birthday card from my grandparents, within it the money needed to apply for a license and the required forms. So either my grandparents read this blog, or they think it’s about time I learned (most probably the latter).

Just a quick update on an update to a goal. If any changes are made in reaching my goals, I will blog about them.


  1. Nice one! Won’t be long before our awesome warthogging skillz can be taken to IRL. (Without the turret. And the killing. And the me-being-in-the-same-vehicle. Actually…without any of it.)

  2. I hear ya. I get all sorts of comments about my non-driving status. I’m nearing the end of my 20’s (ouch) and I still don’t drive. :mrgreen:

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