How To: Use Multiple Signatures In Gmail

As you may know I’m an avid fan of using Gmail’s web interface, despite peoples best efforts to get me using Mac OS-X’s Mail application. One thing I have been envious of for a while is’s ability to insert a signature of choice at a click of a button.


Thankfully, there is relatively simple solution to using multiple signatures in Gmail! You may be asking why I would need a magnitude of different email signatures? Simply put I use my Gmail account to send and receive email from over ten email addresses. So for example if I’m replying to a work email, I would like to use a more work orientated signature, including with it my work email address, where as when replying to personal emails I will want to use another signature, possibly with a link to my own site.

How to get it done

  • Head over to the Settings page, in your Gmail account. Then open the ‘Labs’ tab,
  • Enable the Canned Responses feature. (CTRL or CMD + F to find it quick!)
  • Once activated, go and compose a new message.
  • In a blank email write out your signature.
  • Use the Canned Response menu to save your signature. Giving it a name such as ‘Personal Signature’ is advised.
  • Repeat this process for each signature you desire.
  • When writing emails, simply select the signature you would like to use from the drop down Canned Responses list.
  • Done!

This is something that had been bugging me for a while, so I was pleased to find such a simple solution.


  1. This is a pretty nice solution, and I’d never thought of using canned responses in this way.

    An alternative, and the one that I use, is to set up TextExpander (or whatever) shortcuts for each signature. For example, to insert the signature I use for my personal email account, I just type “rrjwsig”.

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