High Def domains for sale

The high definition market is huge and is finally starting to spread it’s wings here in the UK thanks to Sky HD and the upcoming Freesat service. Me and a partner of mine currently hold several HD related (mainly .co.uk) domains which are currently for sale. The domains available are as follows:

5hd.co.uk (Channel launches Autumn ’08)
channel5hd.co.uk (Channel launches Autumn ’08)
fxhd.co.uk (Channel launches Spring ’08)
luxetvhd.co.uk (Available on Sky HD)
luxetvhd.com (Available on Sky HD)
mtvhd.co.uk (Channel launches Spring ’08)

Some of the domains have been appraised by top appraisal service Sedo and fall in the £xxxx range. If you are interested in the possibility of acquiring any of the above domains please feel free to email me using the below form: