Free Blog Reviews – Last Few Days

Back in December I posted that in till the end of January I will be offering free blog reviews here at, well that offer is almost up, so if you want your blog reviewed for free, be sure to check out my offer as it expires in only three days.

I have received over 50 requests for reviews so far, so keep them coming. I consider this free blogging offer to be a success, considering the amount of requests I received, these reviews provide not only content but possible backlinks and writing experience for me. Please remember that not all blogs will get reviewed, but over the next few months a majority of those 50 will be. 

Only a few days remain, so get your free review now.

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  1. Damn I’m so annoyed that I missed this opportunity. I just found your blog through Jon’s and it looks pretty cool so far!

    PS: I’m from the UK too (Surrey) whereabouts are you from?

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