December Entrecard Top Droppers!

Another month, another year, and here is the top Entrecard droppers from the last month of 2008, December!

For those of you who don’t know, Entrecard is a service in which bloggers (mainly smaller blogs will benefit) can ‘purchase’ advertising for free, through the use of ‘Entrecard credits’, these credits can be gained by visiting other blogs and dropping your Entrecard. If you want to know more about this blogging tool you can read more about it here and of course you can always just visit Entrecard itself. I have been using the service for just over a year now and not only have I discovered several new blogs via the site, but I have also gained subscribers and plenty of traffic, in fact Entrecard brought in 28% of my traffic last year (2008).

Anyway, as promised here is those blogs who clicked on my Entrecard the most last month, enjoy your free link back:

With it being the New Year I’m feeling generous so, verITableLIFE, as the top dropper this month I am giving you 300 Entrecard credits for free, just for dropping by my blog. Entrecard users be sure to keep on reading my blog and dropping your card, as not only will you possibly get a link back but you could also gain som free Entrecard credits!