Custom Avatar Results

Last week’s winning wednesday competition offered the chance to win a custom avatar, and just in case some of you were wondering what the winning drawing looked like, the above image shows a small preview of what the winner received. Be sure to check out tomorrow’s competition for more opportunities to win!

Sign up for Jack’s Newsletter and win!

i am jack’s design is a blog which I have been reading ever since I joined Entrecard back in December, and has since become an almost daily read, he even got some recent link love! Jack’s blog is worth checking out as week in, week out helpful well written content is posted. Now Jack has… Continue reading Sign up for Jack’s Newsletter and win!

Link Love

So Valentines Day is here, and what better way to celebrate this loving day (I can think of several…) than spreading some e-love right here online. Wikipedia has some interesting facts about Valentines Day and it’s history along with how things change in different country’s and cultures, worth checking out, be an educated lover! But… Continue reading Link Love

High Def domains for sale

The high definition market is huge and is finally starting to spread it’s wings here in the UK thanks to Sky HD and the upcoming Freesat service. Me and a partner of mine currently hold several HD related (mainly domains which are currently for sale. The domains available are as follows: (Channel launches… Continue reading High Def domains for sale