Another Moving Related Update

It seems like ages since I moved house, but ever since I moved I have been offline and having troubles getting all the communication services back up and running. It turns out the phone company (BT) had house number 52 as my new address, when infact it is 62. This error made the whole process of getting my phone line, and in turn my broadband recconnected all the more slower.

Thankfully my phone line has now been connected. So now I am just waiting on the broadband, and Sky informs me that for some reason it will take 10 to 15 days to connect my service…..why are things so slow, or am I just really impatient? Either way I should be back soon, with a view reviews and thoughts, and again hopefully a new design to follow.



  1. Heya Chris, glad to see your back.
    How are things with GameBrit and especially GTAFour, It had a massive launch. I wondered how things went for you. Prolly not conversion wise but at least traffic wise.
    Your contact page, gave me problems.
    When you get your net, be sure to send me an email.

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