About Chris

Who is Chris?

Chris Brandrick on his MacBook

Chris is a 33-year old writer, designer and frontend web developer.

He currently works at Cooperpress.

Previous to this he worked in marketing at the University of Lincoln as a web developer.

Chris is the founder of UK-based videogaming website Gamebrit, established in 2008.

Chris is also an avid technology writer. His writing can be found in PCWorld, GigaOM, TechHive, MacgasmThe Next Web and others. His work has been syndicated on a number of global publications including ReutersGamePro, MacWorld, NetworkWorld, ComputerWorld, InfoWorld, CIO, the San Francisco Chronicle and Yahoo.

He was one of three founders of award-winning Lincoln based start-up Stonebow Media. Established in 2010, Stonebow Media is the home of The Lincolnite — a news and events website for Lincoln, UK.

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