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I recently came across wirenode.com a service which can take your site and make a mobile friendly version (with a .mobi extension) in minutes. Having a mobile version of your site is becoming more of a necessity, what with the rapid increase in the use of the web on mobile devices.

My experience in using wirenode was incredibly simple, from signing up to having my blog up and running on the service took less than five minutes, and I even had chance to customize the appearance of the page. So it’s very simple and user friendly.

My Wirenode Site

My wirenode mobile site can be found Buy Xanax 2Mg (http://chrisbrandrick.wirenode.mobi/) , and while it acts as suitable mobile version of my blog I would like to develop something more fuller for the mobile environment down the line, especially for the increasingly popular iPhone platform.

Check out How To Order Xanax Online Forum.

Cheap Xanax Bars For Sale

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Buy Xanax Cod Delivery

  1. You should probably check out MoFuse then, they will create a mobile version of your blog as well as an iPhone specific version. It’s free.

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