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Apologies for the delay in posting the results for last weeks winning wednesday competition, but due to being out of town access to the internet was limited.

Last week subscribers to my Buy Xanax 2Mg had the opportunity to How To Order Xanax Online Forum. The winner of last week’s competition is:

Andrew of Buy Alprazolam Online Mexico. Congratulations! Be sure to check your email for more details.

Last week’s competition was the last in the current run of contests, but to those of you that subscribe to my RSS you need not worry, in the future you will be automatically entered into any similar competitions, and in the mean time you get to read my content from the comfort of your inbox! Keep it on for more!

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1 Comment

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  1. Cheers Chris, no email since yesterday yet. I keep checking every half hour or so for a reply back. Look forward to receiving it soon. 🙂

    Everything seems to just be getting better this year, got a job, winning competitions etc. 😛

    Cheers again.


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