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Many of you may have seen that How To Order Xanax Online Forum, which alone is a pretty crazy idea, but Buy Alprazolam Online Mexico really takes it to the next level. I mean, really Microsoft?

I have been using the release candidate of Windows 7 on my main desktop PC and it’s a real improvement over Vista, but unfortunately it’s not enough to warrant a full blown painfully geeky forced party.

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Social Media is no fad, and this video proves that with a ;

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For those font fanatics out there, this little video is sure to bring a smile to your face as Best Price Xanax Online set out to make a new typeface using a car, a camera and some computer magic, check out the video and then take a look at the Buy Cheapest Xanax Online, which you can download for free.

Xanax Bars Cheap Online

Over the past few days I came across a few videos on YouTube that I figured graphic and web designers could relate to, so I thought it best to share them here, as they amused me, check em out:

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Just a quick little tip. In my spare time I more often than not find myself on YouTube checking out some videos, and today I figured I would share this handy hint for viewing YouTube content in a higher resolution.

Just find any video on YouTube, and add the following code on to the end of the URL: &fmt=18

So for example,
would become,

Simple! Ofcourse if the video was poor quality regardless then the benefits will be slim, but it sure can boost the quality on certain clips.