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March Top Entrecard droppers

I haven’t updated you on my top entrecard droppers in over three months now, so I figured I should. Entrecard is planning some big changes soon, including finally monetizing the system, read more about the upcoming changes on the Entrecard blog.

For those of you who don’t know what Entrecard is, it’s a service in which bloggers  can ‘purchase’ advertising for free, through the use of ‘Entrecard credits’, these credits can be gained by visiting other blogs and dropping your Entrecard. If you want to know more about this blogging tool you can read more about it here and of course you can always just visit Entrecard itself. Enjoy your free link back:

Congratulations to the number one dropper, as you just earned yourself 300 free credits! For those of you using Entrecard, what do you think of the upcoming changes?

March Entrecard Top Droppers

Yet again this post is a day late! Just like last month I will post this list every month as a thank you for those Entrecard users dropping on my blog, so if you want to see yourself in this list and gain a linkback, be sure to drop your entrecard on my blog often.

For those of you unfamiliar with entrecard be sure to read my post about it here. Anyway without further a due here is the list of those that dropped the most cards on my blog in March:

Some new top droppers this month. Many thanks again to all those dropping, and be sure to look out for this feature again in early May, get dropping!