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I have been using music scrobbling service since 2006 to keep track of How To Order Xanax Online Forum, and I always find it interesting to look back over what I listen to the most. The list below shows the top 20 artists that I listened to the most during 2011, along with a few comments on artists I have something to say about:

  • 01. Daft Punk (Plays: 544) – Daft Punk is at the top for 2011 due to the late December 2010 release of their TRON album, and the excellent remix album that soon followed.
  • 02. Digitalism (Plays: 384) – German duo Digitalism released their new album “I Love You, Dude” in 2011, hence the heavy play count. 
  • 03. deadmau5 (Plays: 240)
  • 04. Sébastien Tellier (Plays: 172)
  • 05. Justice (Plays: 148) – Justice released their new album titled “Audio, Video, Disco” in 2011, although not as memorable as Cross it had a few decent tracks. Overall though it disappointed me.
  • 06. Lady Gaga (Plays: 126)
  • 07. Cee Lo Green (Plays: 110) – Bright Lights Bigger City is fun.
  • 08. Air (Plays: 108)
  • 09. Jamiroquai (Plays: 95)
  • 10. Metric (Plays: 95)
  • 11. Gorillaz (Plays: 93)
  • 12. Röyksopp (Plays: 89)
  • 13. Calvin Harris (Plays: 86)
  • 14. Boys Noize (Plays: 81)
  • 15. Kanye West (Plays: 78)
  • 16. Electric Light Orchestra (Plays: 76)
  • 17. Fila Brazillia (Plays: 73) – My old University Audio Technology lecturer makes up one half of electronica outfit Fila Brazillia. I’ve listened to their music in the past, but this year I found them on Spotify which is why they charted in 2011.
  •  18. Tinie Tempah (Plays: 72)
  • 19. Phoenix (Plays: 64)
  • 20. N*E*R*D (Plays: 64)

Ordering Alprazolam

Tomorrow I make the journey down to London to go the 3rd ‘Wireless Festival’ in Hyde Park. It’s a bit of an early start, but the journey will be worth it!

I will be going for two days and seeing such bands as Queens Of The Stone Age, The White Stripes, Daft Punk, CSS and many more. While I’m away having fun why not check out my music taste on Last.Fm, its a great site (which has recently been bought out by CBS) which tracks your music tastes. Like your very own hit parade!

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Buying Xanax Online Reviews Bluelight Xanax Online Best Price Xanax Online

See you all soon!