Kontera is an advertising service which displays in-text links via a custom technology called ContentLink. How To Order Xanax Online Forum Content Link (once installed) will scan your blog pages for contextually relevant keywords and then automatically turn those into links to advertisers, thus earning you the blog owner money.

I decided to give Kontera a try as not only do I plan to Buy Alprazolam Online Mexico fully before the year is out, but also because an additional level of customization was available via Ordering Alprazolam for WordPress. This plugin will allow you to pick and choose which blog posts you will allow Kontera ads to display on, so say for example you are publishing a paid review or an article and you do not want it to have Kontera ads on it, you simply select not to when posting. This allows great flexibility and gives you control over where ads appear.

Having Kontera installed will hopefully bring in some welcome income and all at no additional effort.