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Apple Nails The Execution

The Verge reviews the new 2012 iMac and Mac Mini, noting that the hybrid SSD/HDD Fusion Drive is a “very good idea” adding that although “Apple didn’t invent the idea”, “it nails the execution” – something which is safe to say about a lot of Apple’s work.

Review of 2008 goals

As promised earlier in the month, I would come back and review which of my goals I reached that I set in 2008. I somehow don’t think I did to well, but the way I figure, I can’t move forward and set new goals or even revised goals, without overlooking those I have set in the past. You need to look back in order to go forward.

So without further a due, lets get the ball rolling and take a look at the goals set back in Janurary of 2008.

1. Get a custom blog design – Fail

As with any good blog a custom design is a must, and ever since opening my blog I have been using the free theme you are currently seeing, which of course means I failed in getting a custom theme for my blog online in 2008. Although this goal is/was not a complete failure, I started to create a custom design very early on last year, but for one reason or another, decided not to use, despite developing it nearly to completion. I may end up finishing of the theme and releasing it for free, who knows. But ever since deciding against using the above as a theme, I began working on a new design, one which created more of a personal branding for myself and my blog, and what I want the blog to be overall. Hopefully, that should be online soon, but it seems I always end up wanting to tweak, so don’t hold your breath!

2. Increase blog earnings – Success

I pointed out that although my blog was a place for me to detail my online activity, I also wanted to use it as a revenue stream. I detailed how I would like to earn about £100 per month from my blog, and although I didn’t reach this goal, I did earn a somewhat regular income from my blogging activity, mainly through writing reviews. I shall continue to do so, and hopefully it will become more of a regular part of my blogging overall. In addition to reviews, other income methods will be integrated in to my blog.

3. Learn to drive – Fail

“I hope to learn and pass my driving test, thats the goal. Buying a car is not.– That’s what I said back in January of last year, and I can safely say I came nowhere close to passing this goal. I do have my provisional licence now which enables me to learn, but as of yet I have taken no lessons. I figure failing this goal came down to a lack of desire, and no need at current to drive, public transport does me fine. As to whether it does in the future, who knows, either way I need to learn eventually.

4. Blog More – Success

Despite saying I was hoping to blog at least five times a week, which I clearly did not, I am marking this one as a success anyway, as my posting frequency did improve to a level at which I am now happy with. I think making more regular short posts while ok, may not be deemed as valuable, content wise, as more infrequent larger posts. Your thoughts?

5. Launch WebmasterPlay – Fail

A central hub for videogame webmasters, ‘webmasterplay’ didn’t see the light of day in 2008, and I am really bummed out about that as it’s a project I have been longing to get on the road, but it requires a lot of attention, which it just didn’t see due to work on Gamebrit, and starting Kufu.

6. Increase RSS Subscriptions – Success

By no means did I hit my projected goal of 500, but i did increase my subscriber count from it’s initial zero. This can only continue to rise by promoting it more, and integrating subscriber opportunities into my blog more effectively.

7. Get into my final year of University – Success

I am currently in my final semester of my final year of University, meaning I acheived my goal of getting into my final year of my Web Technology degree. For my final degree project I am making a website which I hope will be usefull to a lot of freelancers in the online space, so be sure to catch some future blog posts about that.

8. Launch and make a success of Gamebrit – Success

After a hefty development period and many delays Gamebrit finally launched in the summer of 2008, August to be precise. I outlined in my goals how I wanted the site to be attracting a minimum audience of at least 15,000 uniques per month before the end of 2008. It reached that goal, and then some, reaching over 50k in December. Keeping up this momentum is key to the success of the site.

9. Purchase an iMac – Fail

This just did not happen. Plain and simple, other things came about, like my holiday to Turkey, going to Leeds festival, and moving house yet again. It was always somewhat of a dream goal, but hey, we can all dream. Maybe 2009 will bring me some desktop apple joy.

10. Increase overall earnings – Fail

Sure I made money online in 2008, than I did in 2007, but not to a level I was happy with, I’m mainly putting this as a failure as a means to motivate myself further. Let’s see the potential.

So that makes a total of five successful goals, to five failed ones. I met you in the middle 2008. With this reflection done, it’s useful in scoping future goals and what I can and can’t reach. Look out for my 2009 goals soon. How was 2008 for you?

Goals for 2008

Happy New Year! I hope you all have a great 2008 and achieve all that you aim to. (Also to bring in the new year, a congratulations from Scott at mythermos.com for winning my small holiday entrecard contest.)

Now as for my plans for 2008, these include goals for my blog, my sites and personal aims:

1. Get a custom blog design:

Mainly a goal I hope to achieve far before 2008 is even close to finished, I want to give ChrisBrandrick.com it’s own look and feel. It’s commonly known that using a public free theme (despite their merits) is frowned upon. Having a design unique to me gives my blog an identity, a brand, and recognition. John Cow has various cow theming, John Chow has that big car, TylerCruz has that nice custom avatar, all memorable stuff. Being unique is a big positive. So hopefully I can achieve this goal fairly soon. If you know of any good WordPress design folks, let me know.

2. Increase my blog earnings:

Now from the offset this shouldn’t be to difficult, especially considering my blog is currently earning me £0. That’s right, I am currently making no money from this site, but this isn’t because I can’t, it’s because so far I just haven’t. The goal for 2008 is not only to make money but to make a specific amount per month. For those big internet entrepreneurs out there this may not seem like much, but it’s a goal I am realistically aiming for. By the end of the year I hope to be making a consistent £100 per month ($200 for you reading stateside) from ChrisBrandrick.com. This will be handled carefully, as for a start this blog will never be plastered with adverts, if and when I do implement ads it will be subtle and well placed. I hope to make the majority of this earning via reviews. Watch this space, as once I do start earning from this blog I will no doubt keep you guys in the loop.

3. Learn to drive:

I’m 21 in two days, here in the UK you can drive from the young age of 17. It’s about time I got a driving license and learned to drive, it’s a life skill I want. Sure traveling by train has served me well, but having your own set of wheels is an independence which I eventually want. This year, despite it’s pricey nature I hope to learn and pass my driving test, thats the goal. Buying a car is not.

4. Blog more:

All you have to do is look back over my archives for the past year to see that postings here at my blog have been lacking, sure it may well have picked up in the past month to a rate I am happy with but I intend to improve more, mainly to keep myself motivated and working. I intend to post at least (at a minimum) of five times a week. Hopefully you the reader will appreciate this to! More posts on my web developments, reviews and personal musings coming your way.

5. Launch WebmasterPlay:

You may remember all the way back in June of 2007 I posted about a webmaster forum I was creating, since then little work has took place on it for several reasons. Initially things were going well, with the front page created and the sites feature set building impressively. Unfortunately I hired an individual who wasn’t quite what I was looking for when it came to skinning the vBulletin forum. Due to this misfortune I took a break from developing the site, and this break lasted far longer than expected. I still really want to WebmasterPlay finished, and hopefully 2008 will be it’s year. Videogaming webmasters keep an eye out.

6. Increase RSS Subscriptions:

Only yesterday I made a posting detailing how I had installed Feedburner tools to my RSS feed. With this freshly installed I figured it would be worthwhile to make a goal relating to my readership. So with any luck by the end of the year my RSS subscription will hopefully be at 500, I have no idea how hard this goal will be to reach, but why not start me on the right path by subscribing now.

7. Get into my final year of University:

An academic goal which relies on me working hard(er) and getting the required grades, from now until May. Although without sounding to cocky, I am fairly confident that I will get into the 3rd and final year of University, this goal will act as a reminder as to why I am doing the course I am (Web Technology) and why I want to do it. The 3rd year starts in September so be sure to check back for the results then!

8. Launch and make a success of GameBrit:

This is the first time I have mentioned GameBrit on my blog, but here we go. GameBrit simply put is a british gaming website I have been working on for a short while, I hope to launch it within the next month or two. But more details on GameBrit coming in a separate post. I want to make sure I get it launched with the desired features, and getting at least 15,000 uniques per month before the year is out.

9. Purchase an iMac:

This goal really does depend on my online earnings, as I intend to fund this expensive purchase almost entirely from my money earned online. A new 20″ inch iMac, will it be mine this year?

10. Increase overall earnings:

What with me launching a small number of new sites this year (more details soon) I hope to start earning a healthy income from my online endeavors. As detailed above I would like to earn £100 a month from my blog, so on a whole £1000 a month from all my sites seems like a logical target. This will require a lot of personal effort and hopefully I will see the results. £1000 ($2000) per month from my portfolio of websites.

Those are my goals for the year, and hopefully when I come back to review this post in a years time, it will have been a successful year. (The above aims are in no particular order.)

I wish you all a productive new year; be sure to share your goals with me!