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Year In Review – 2008

2008 was an interesting year. ChrisBrandrick.com had somewhat of a rollercoaster year, some months having more posts than others and at times my blog experience lots of traffic to nearly none. This is my ‘Year In Review – 2008’.


In January of 2008 I made a total of 18 blog posts, covering such topics as promoting your RSS feed for free, adding a favicon to your site, and of course my goals for the year (which I will review in an upcoming post). The site received over 1,300 unique visitors from a ;

WordPress 2.5 is coming

Version 2.5 of WordPress has been anticipated for some time now, and the new version will bring with it several impressive changes, such as Gravatar support as standard, multiple uploads, and tagging management. All this in a fresh new interface.

Recently the guys over at WordPress put up this article which gives a sneak peek at the final 2.5 interface and a general idea as to what you can expect. It has to be said at first I was weary of any changes being made to the WordPress backend, but the latest interface has an overall impressive style and seems to flow very well, and if you prefer the classic blue colours, you can even switch back to them.

WordPress 2.5 should be hitting very soon, so be on your toes and ready to update.

Installing Gravatar support on your blog

Last month I posted about how you should have a gravatar, a gravatar is an avatar system which will display a chosen avatar whenever you post a comment on a blog with gravatar support. So if you are a blog owner and would like to add support for these avatars then just follow this simple advice.

To begin with you will need to find your ‘comments’ template, open that up and then search for the following line of code:
<li class="<?php echo $oddcomment; ?>" id="comment-<?php comment_ID() ?>">

Once found add the following code after the line:
<?php if(!empty($comment -> comment_author_email)) {
$md5 = md5($comment -> comment_author_email);
$default = urlencode('DEFAULT PATH');
echo "<img src='http://www.gravatar.com/avatar.php?gravatar_id=$md5&size=20&default=$default' alt='' />";

Finally, change the DEFAULT PATH in the code above to the location of a default avatar that will be used if the commenter has not defined (signed up for) a gravatar. Save your file, and now you should have gravatar support without the need of any plugin.

Get a Gravatar

Whether you just comment on blogs or run one, you should know about gravatar’s.

GravatarGravatars stands for globally recognised avatar, and as you may have guessed it acts as your avatar when commenting on a wordpress blog. Most wordpress themes include gravatar support as standard, although some blog owners do choose to replace the gravatar space with a MyBlogLog (or other similar service) avatar area. Either way, if you actively comment on blogs and want to attach a visual representation of yourself to these comments, gravatar is the way to go.

Getting yourself a gravatar is simple, its free and all you need is an email address, just head on over to the official website and follow the simple instructions. Once you have uploaded an image (80×80) which represents yourself online, you then simply attach the image to any email addresses you may use when leaving comments, once confirmed, your gravatar will appear on the comments section of any blog you have commented on with gravatar support. Simple!

If you want to add Gravatar support to your blog, or if you just want to learn more check out WordPress’ documentation here. Why not make a gravatar now, and come back here to test it? Just leave a comment.

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