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Late-sixities former L.A. resident revisits the city he grew up in, virtually:

“a refreshingly thoughtful-almost intellectual-scenario that I would not have expected in something called a game”.

Good read from Eurogamer.

Buy Alprazolam Online Mexico

Looking forward to this.

Xanax 1Mg Buy Online

Last year I blogged about the Buying Xanax Online Reviews and that I really ought to do something with them instead of just buying them, and letting them expire, going unused. One of these domains was Bluelight Xanax Online, which I intended to use for a blog detailing any news about the release of the upcoming game GTA IV.

My intentions didn’t flourish into anything other than mere good intentions, and up in till now the domain has been unused. The game (GTA IV) is released at the end of April, so I now think it’s somewhat late to start a blog, so in order to gain some sort of justification on purchasing the domain I have added a simple page online. The page simply shows the games boxart, a youtube video and some affiliate links to preorder the game. Hopefully the website will receive some traffic (UK based) and generate some revenue via the play.com affiliate links.

In an attempt to drive traffic to the site and hopefully gain some sales leads I have decided to give Facebook advertisements a try, and to test the water on how effective they can be I am running a campaign on Facebook tomorrow targeting 18 to 30 year old males. I will be sure to update on how effective Facebook ads are and whether I would use them again. Hopefully the results are positive!

Oh and if your feeling generous and want the game, feel free to preorder through Best Price Xanax Online