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Free review offer over

Just a quick update to inform you all that my offer for free reviews is now over. Many thanks to all of the blogs that requested a review! Be sure to keep checking (or subscribe) to ChrisBrandrick.com for more reviews.

Promote your RSS feed for free!

RSS LaptopAs a blogger or website owner no doubt you will have an RSS feed (like mine) which you want to promote. If so you may want to continue reading, as in this post below is a list of 10 websites that will help promote your RSS feed for free, and all you have to do (in most cases) is simply insert your feed address! Promoting your feed like this is a simple quick and easy way to spread the word about your blog or website. So start adding your address to the below sites, and benefit from the potential of more visitors and subscribers:

It wont take long to add your feed to the above sites, and within minutes your feed will be in several blog directories ready for others to find.

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Free Blog Reviews – Last Few Days

Back in December I posted that in till the end of January I will be offering free blog reviews here at ChrisBrandrick.com, well that offer is almost up, so if you want your blog reviewed for free, be sure to check out my offer as it expires in only three days.

I have received over 50 requests for reviews so far, so keep them coming. I consider this free blogging offer to be a success, considering the amount of requests I received, these reviews provide not only content but possible backlinks and writing experience for me. Please remember that not all blogs will get reviewed, but over the next few months a majority of those 50 will be. 

Only a few days remain, so get your free review now.

Free Blog Reviews

That’s right, from now until the end of January I shall be offering free blog reviews on ChrisBrandrick.com. If you would like your blog reviewing just check the following conditions and get in touch:

  • Your blog must have been active for over 30 days.
  • No blogs featuring explicit or illegal content.
  • I can decline to review any blog.
  • A backlink to my blog on your site (in any form, be it a blog post or text link) would be appreciated.

The reviews will feature my opinions on your area of content, the content itself, blog design, update frequency and so on. The reviews will be done on first come first served basis. You will receive notification from me when your blog review goes live on the site, or if you get declined. Just use the following form to get in touch, and be sure to include all the necessary details!


Thanks for the submissions in advance!