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Buy Xanax Italy, Alprazolam Prescription Online

After months of putting it off and changing things, my new blog design is finally live for all to see. I posted all the way back in February of 2008 that I was working on a blog design and back then it had a very different feel. Since then not only did I tweak the design, I also started from scratch with a new look a few months back.

The new design, as you can see, features the personal branding logo I created for How To Order Xanax Online Forum. Having this logo on both my cards, and my blog will help people associate with me easier, and strengthen my personal brand overall.The design as a whole has a very similar layout to my previous theme, showing the information I deem most important in an effective yet traditional way. One area I am particularly pleased with is the subscription box, which features a number of links on how to stay updated with the blog and me. In addition to the subscription box, the first left column is a nice touch, which not only puts a face to the name, but also provides a super quick glance at what services I provide, along with links to see my work.

Upon launching the design I realised I had forgotten to edit the comments section, so this is something I need to work on quickly. This is my first attempt at coding a WordPress theme, so I’m happy with how it looks. Be sure to let me know your thoughts.

Ordering Alprazolam

It seems in the past two months my blog hasn’t seen much love, but rest assured this isn’t down to me fleeing the online scene, in fact far from it. Since Xanax 1Mg Buy Online back in April and finishing University for the year in early May (exams, fun!) I have been in the process of starting up a design company with three other good friends, all of which have a good background in design, coding and of course running a business.


The company is based in Lincoln, UK, and last week we finally moved into our office in the heart of the city center. I am currently in the process of designing the companies website and hopefully soon we should all be ready to go. Kufu is the companies name (or Kufu Design if you so wish), and we are on the look out for clients to get the ball rolling, so if you need a design making, a whole site coding or something more simple do not hesitate to get in touch and help us out as we start out. You can find us at Buying Xanax Online Reviews, which currently has just placeholder contact details up, but keep an eye on the site as it will be changing soon.

Let us know your thoughts!

Best Price Xanax Online

James McDonald is an 18 year old web designer from Scotland, and for those of you that read my blog you may remember the name from his old blog, Buy Cheapest Xanax Online. James no longer writes for that blog, but has recently opened a new blog under the name ‘Alprazolam Online Purchase In India‘ which concentrates on web design along with offering superb web design services.

If you need a web site designing then James is well worth checking out, take a glance over Xanax Bars Cheap Online for yourself, and if thats not enough to sway you Cheap Xanax Bars For Sale can receive an additional 25% discount off their first order at All you have to do is look out for the promotional code in your inbox if you are an email subscriber to, if not Buy Xanax Cod Delivery; the code will be sent out to new subscribers daily. To use your promotional code just mention it when ordering through!

The 25% promotional code is valid for all of April. Buying Xanax Online Bluelight deliver high quality website design.

Xanax Generic Online

I had some free time this evening and came across Alprazolam Cheap over at PSDTuts and decided to give it a go, so here is a wallpaper to celebrate Easter, just click the below image to see the full size version (1280×1024).

Buy Xanax Brand Name

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a happy easter!

Liquid Alprazolam Online


When designing choosing the right font can be crucially important, it can help obtain the right look and solidify your brand (if that’s the case); so it’s defiantly worth taking the time out to find the right font for your work. Buy Discount Xanax defines typography as: Typography is the art and techniques of type design, modifying type glyphs, and arranging type; read more about it, and it’s history at the above link.

Finding ;

Xanax Australia Buy

Recently I have been working on a redesign for my blog, mainly because I feel it’s about time I got a personalized look and a unique design to help strengthen my online identity and brand. I have made several designs and mocks in photoshop but haven’t really hit the nail on the head yet with the look I want to go for.

When the time is right I will no doubt show the mock designs, and of course the design I plan to go with here on the blog. In terms of avatarcolours I will be using blues, greys and blacks, and for branding I will continue to build upon using my personalized avatar, be it in advertising, emails and around the site. As for coding the design from a psd to a valid WordPress theme I am still on the look out for somebody to complete this task, and despite me having a few people/companies in mind I am always open to suggestions, so either drop a comment below or contact me.

Getting a custom design for my blog was one of Generic Alprazolam Online, and now having made a start on visualizing how I want it to look, I am feeling very confident on reaching this goal.

Xanax Online Pakistan

This is the third post in my series of BlogReviews, if you are interested in receiving a free blog review, please Where To Buy Xanax Powder to find out more information.

Buy Alprazolam Online Overnight is a relatively new blog which launched in November of last year. It has a simple yet ambitious goal to review ‘everything’. It would probably be more appropriate to say that ReviewBunker will review ‘anything’.

To those new to the site you are instantly greeted with a simple yet concise blurb of text as to what the blog is about, which contains links to other sections of the site, this is a great way of letting visitors know what your about, although a suggested addition to this front page presence would be to add a link to the ‘Buy 3 Mg Xanax‘ page.

The content on ReviewBunker is random to say the least, and for those of you looking for a review blog which concentrates on a specific area then this blog is not for you. ReviewBunker covers a wide range of products, websites and services from things like Brownie Cake Mix, Office boxes, even movies and restaurants. Despite this random mix, the writing is very concise and informative as well as pleasantly informal. If you do happen to find a review that takes your interest then I recommend reading it, as without a doubt it will be helpful.

ReviewBunker also offers readers the opportunity to become a guest blogger and review anything for the blog, so if you are looking for an outlet to review something, or anything, then this may be worth checking out.

The site uses a free blog design, which is customized with an appropriate header image, the colour scheme is easy on the eyes and overall flows well, and boasts well integrated AdSense adverts. Oh, and it has the Entrecard widget, which is great.

My only concern for ReviewBunker is that its content area is to broad, and it may be wise to cut this down, visitors will never know what to expect. Maybe even just reviewing offline products exclusively, and not reviewing websites. Reduce confusion.

A well written blog, with potential to shine. Focus and concentrate your niche to a more specific area, and keep up the good work.

Alprazolam 1Mg Buy Online

A few days back I Buying Xanax Online Forum, in the review I recommended possibly getting a custom theme. Now only days later Order Alprazolam about his new custom theme, and it’s live.

The new

The new design, which even carries over the old colour scheme (see above) is now live on Ordering Xanax From India, so check it out. Congratulations to Mike & Michelle on there new theme, I hope it brings in new readers!

Can I Buy Xanax In Mexico

Happy New Year! I hope you all have a great 2008 and achieve all that you aim to. (Also to bring in the new year, a congratulations from Scott at Where To Order Xanax Online Forum for winning my small holiday Buy Alprazolam For Dogs.)

Now as for my plans for 2008, these include goals for my blog, my sites and personal aims:

1. Get a custom blog design:

Mainly a goal I hope to achieve far before 2008 is even close to finished, I want to give it’s own look and feel. It’s commonly known that using a public free theme (despite their merits) is frowned upon. Having a design unique to me gives my blog an identity, a brand, and recognition. Buy Original Xanax has ;