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Bloggin-Ads Updates

A few days back I reviewed Bloggin-Ads, in the review I recommended possibly getting a custom theme. Now only days later Mike has posted about his new custom theme, and it’s live.

The new Bloggin-Ads.com

The new design, which even carries over the old colour scheme (see above) is now live on Bloggin-Ads, so check it out. Congratulations to Mike & Michelle on there new theme, I hope it brings in new readers!

BlogReviews#1: DailyNintendo

Before I begin, just a quick word, hoping you all had a good Christmas.

For the first in a series of blog reviews I will be taking a look at DailyNintendo.

DailyNintendo, as the name suggests, is a blog which concentrates on aiming to deliver daily news about the popular videogaming company Nintendo. The site appears to have started posting Nintendo news back in March of 2007 and since then has been reporting ;