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Amazing Mac application offer!

MacHeist are well known within the Mac community for offering amazing deals on a range of third party software for Apple computers, and their most recent offer is no different. The third MacHeist software bundle, once fully unlocked, will offer over $900 of software value, all of which can be yours for an amazing $39 USD.

The latest bundle includes the following software:

  • iSale – eBay manager
  • Picturesque – Image editor
  • SousChef – Cooking assistant
  • World Of Goo  – Puzzle game
  • Phone View – iPhone history
  • Little Snapper – Image sharing
  • Acorn – Photo editor
  • Kinemac – 3D animation
  • WireTap Studio – Recording utility
  • BoinxTV – Video production
  • The Hit List – Task management
  • Espresso – Web development

In addition to all of the above great software, the first 25,000 thousand customers will get Big Bang Board Games too! And to make this deal even more sweeter 25% from every sale goes to charity, and you get to choose which charity see’s your cash. So if you are using a Mac, be sure to check it out.


MacBook case cracks

I last posted about my MacBook back in December of 2007 when I had troubles with the Magsafe power adapter. Today I wanted to post about a problem which has been an issue on more than one occasion, and you may have guessed what from the post title.

Since owning my MacBook (which I bought in January of 2007) I have now had my laptop in for repair three times, two of those times were for the case of the MacBook cracking. It seems to be somewhat of a common problem, as a simple search on Flickr shows, and having just recently had it repaired I thought I ought to share my frustration towards the problem.

Those who buy a new all aluminium enclosed MacBook will not face these issues due to the laptops unibody structure, but it’s the old (still available) white models which face the problems, and it seems not much can be done about it. I came to the conclusion it was the magnets in the laptop which made the case to crack, and have often wondered if the magnets could be made weaker, but this of course would then effect the laptops ability to close. When at the Apple store last week I questioned an Apple employee as to what could be done to solve this happening again, and he assured me that the repair would be done using ‘stronger plastic’, now as to whether that is true is down to the test of time so we shall see.

Beyond all of this it is worth noting that despite me being out of warranty Apple did carry out the repair free of charge, and it was all done overnight, free and fast. I have it back now, and the case looks all shiny and new, but how long will it last?


Have you experienced this issue, what have you done to solve it, can you share any handy hints? Do feel free to share in the comment form!

iPhone coming to Pay & Go

iPhone Pay & Go

O2, the UK mobile network that holds the rights to sell Apple’s iPhone finally revealed a few days back the price for the upcoming Pay & Go (no contract) version of the popular device. Personally I think the price point is pretty steep, especially considering those on Pay & Go are usually on the simplier service for one of a few reasons, be it no ties, lack of ;

Mac, sorted.

Last week I posted about how my Mac’s Magsafe cable had broken, today during a train journey I had some spare time to burn while in Birmingham so I visited the Apple Store in the Bullring, booked a session with an Apple Genius and told them my problem.

Despite me calling an Apple store earlier in the week and being told that the cable would need to go to a repair centre the Apple employee swapped my old cable for a new one (the new model) right there in store. Convenient!

Still, the cable should not have broken in the first place, so Macbook owners be weary of the cable and keep an eye out for any changes in it’s appearance.

Apple Logo

This post comes to you from my Macbook.

Not so Magsafe.

A little personal post today about something which is bothering me, and that Macbook owners should be aware of.

In January I bought myself a Macbook as I was long overdue a laptop. Since then me and my mac have enjoyed a great relationship, where it worked, and I was happy. In fact I am so impressed with the Mac OS I find myself on my PC less and less, but that’s another story.

Over the past few days my ‘Magsafe’ Power adapter has been giving me problems, initially upon plugging in the charger it charged…but only for a few minutes, then charged again. This intermittent state of charging was random, unsatisfactory and more than anything concerning. Last night this problem revealed it’s true side.

The cable had melted, and the inner wire was visible. I stopped using the cable immediately as I would prefer not to burn down my home. After a brief period of research online, I discovered that this was a common problem many Macbook owners were experiencing. Just check out this Flickr set for examples.

Magsafe (Taken from Flickr)
An example of what my cable now looks like.

Despite me being under warranty I still checked out the Apple site to see what the going rate was for the power adapter. Unfortunately it was, to my disgust, £59.99 (Which works out at about $120).  I am going to call Apple later today to try and get a new cable. It seems a revision has finally been made to the cables, as seen in this picture from Flickr, so hopefully I will receive one of these newer models.