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iPhone Problem – Any Advice?

My iPhoneI finally joined the masses and grabbed myself a 32GB iPhone about two weeks ago. Ever since then I have been hunting around for the best apps and downloading a fair few, especially game and utility apps.  I will probably do a round-up post detailing the apps I have soon, offering my recommendations.

However, this blog post is to ask the question – Is there a way of running a diagnostic on my iPhone while at home? The reason I’m asking such a question is due to a recent problem I had with my new phone:

I recently took the phone out of my pocket only to find the device was turned off. This struck me as odd, as not only does the iPhone require a button hold in addition to an on-screen action in order to turn it off, but the battery was also showing a 60% charge around two hours prior to this happening.

After several failed attempts to power up the device I was somewhat concerned. Luckily, I was in Liverpool for the weekend visiting family, and an Apple store was close by. I popped in to seek advice and was told by the stores staff that the new phone “looked fine” and that I should try plugging the device into one of the many charging stations in-store. Having done this, and failing an Apple employee repeated the process in another charger, this time to some success. The device powered up, however it took over 3 minutes to reach the home screen, it had worryingly also lost around 30% of it’s charge.

The helpful Apple staff at the Liverpool One branch suggested that a rogue-app may have been the cause of the problem, adding that if this (currently isolated) issue was to happen again that I come in to have the iPhone checked.

So do any of you guys know of a way to run a diagnostic check on the iPhone, at home? I would like to see if any of my apps are sapping away my battery or causing my phone to crash. Any comments or emails on the issue would be highly appreciated.

MacBook case cracks

I last posted about my MacBook back in December of 2007 when I had troubles with the Magsafe power adapter. Today I wanted to post about a problem which has been an issue on more than one occasion, and you may have guessed what from the post title.

Since owning my MacBook (which I bought in January of 2007) I have now had my laptop in for repair three times, two of those times were for the case of the MacBook cracking. It seems to be somewhat of a common problem, as a simple search on Flickr shows, and having just recently had it repaired I thought I ought to share my frustration towards the problem.

Those who buy a new all aluminium enclosed MacBook will not face these issues due to the laptops unibody structure, but it’s the old (still available) white models which face the problems, and it seems not much can be done about it. I came to the conclusion it was the magnets in the laptop which made the case to crack, and have often wondered if the magnets could be made weaker, but this of course would then effect the laptops ability to close. When at the Apple store last week I questioned an Apple employee as to what could be done to solve this happening again, and he assured me that the repair would be done using ‘stronger plastic’, now as to whether that is true is down to the test of time so we shall see.

Beyond all of this it is worth noting that despite me being out of warranty Apple did carry out the repair free of charge, and it was all done overnight, free and fast. I have it back now, and the case looks all shiny and new, but how long will it last?


Have you experienced this issue, what have you done to solve it, can you share any handy hints? Do feel free to share in the comment form!

Mac, sorted.

Last week I posted about how my Mac’s Magsafe cable had broken, today during a train journey I had some spare time to burn while in Birmingham so I visited the Apple Store in the Bullring, booked a session with an Apple Genius and told them my problem.

Despite me calling an Apple store earlier in the week and being told that the cable would need to go to a repair centre the Apple employee swapped my old cable for a new one (the new model) right there in store. Convenient!

Still, the cable should not have broken in the first place, so Macbook owners be weary of the cable and keep an eye out for any changes in it’s appearance.

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This post comes to you from my Macbook.