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Being average

Once you accept the premise that a life is only worthwhile if it is truly notable and great, then you basically accept the fact that most of the human population sucks and is worthless.

Interesting read from author Mark Manson on what it means to be ‘average’.

In Defense of Being Average

Weight Loss Site

Over a year ago in a rather impulse moment I bought a turn key site from the NamePros forum for only $10 (£5), this was merely an experiment to see if on a personal level I could make any money from such a site, especially considering the bad reputation they have with other web designers.

The site I bought focused on Weight Loss and after optimizing the placement of AdSense, performing some SEO, and submitting it to various directories and search engines the hits started rolling in. Admittedly the site was not enjoying a huge amount of visitors but it was more than I expected. The site continued to make a small amount via AdSense, and more than making a profit for what the site was costing me to run.

In the summer, the domain I had (weighty.info) expired and unfortunately I did not renew, thus rendering my SEO and other work useless. Despite this I decided I should still use the content I bought, and looked into new domains.

Recently I registered ‘WeightAdvice.net’, which not only do I think is better suited to the content, but on a whole is a better more brandable domain. So with this domain at hand, I decided to try the Drupal CMS, and upon installing it I am very impressed. (Drupal review coming soon).

My new site can now be found at www.weightadvice.net and I shall be posting content daily. Check it out, and if you have any comments or thoughts be sure to drop me an email or just leave a comment.