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I recently posted about my domain, How To Order Xanax Online Forum and the Buy Alprazolam Online Mexico it via Facebook. Due to me having doubts as to the viability of Facebook as an advertising platform and me having read mixed results on other blogs, I approached trying Facebook as more of an experiment, testing the water to see what results can be gained on a small scale.

For those of you unfamiliar with how advertising on Facebook works, you of course need a Facebook account to begin with, from here navigate to Ordering Alprazolam and follow the on screen instructions. Including such obvious data as your destination URL, target audience and so on. You also get the chance to choose between pay per click or pay per view. I chose pay per click. Also within this section you get to set a price on how much each pay per click will set you back, and your daily limit, this enables a control on your spending and is a good way to get the most out of your budget.

GTA Facebook AdDesigning an advert is somewhat limited on Facebook, but keeping in style with the site, this may be deemed positive ornegative, that just depends on your views on advert effectiveness. As can be seen on the left is the advert which I created and ran on Facebook, I included the games boxart as the advert image, along with some relevant text. Once you have completed this advert creating process, the advert must get approved by Facebook staff, mainly to see if the adverts content is suitable for age range I targeted (18 – 30 UK Males). To my surprise the advert got approved very quickly.

I ran the advert for two days with a tiny budget of $5 per day. The advert gained 34,462 impressions and out of all those impressions a mere 21 clicks. That’s (a rough) average of 1 click every 1,600 impressions. Personally I think that’s pretty poor, but I expected the results to be far from great, as I go on Facebook to catch up on what my friends are up to….

I doubt I would use Facebook again for advertising, but I think this advertising model sure could work for other types of sites. Do any you have any experiences with Facebook advertising? If so just drop us a comment.

Buying Xanax Online Reviews

Last year I blogged about the Bluelight Xanax Online and that I really ought to do something with them instead of just buying them, and letting them expire, going unused. One of these domains was Best Price Xanax Online, which I intended to use for a blog detailing any news about the release of the upcoming game GTA IV.

My intentions didn’t flourish into anything other than mere good intentions, and up in till now the domain has been unused. The game (GTA IV) is released at the end of April, so I now think it’s somewhat late to start a blog, so in order to gain some sort of justification on purchasing the domain I have added a simple page online. The page simply shows the games boxart, a youtube video and some affiliate links to preorder the game. Hopefully the website will receive some traffic (UK based) and generate some revenue via the play.com affiliate links.

In an attempt to drive traffic to the site and hopefully gain some sales leads I have decided to give Facebook advertisements a try, and to test the water on how effective they can be I am running a campaign on Facebook tomorrow targeting 18 to 30 year old males. I will be sure to update on how effective Facebook ads are and whether I would use them again. Hopefully the results are positive!

Oh and if your feeling generous and want the game, feel free to preorder through Buy Cheapest Xanax Online

Xanax Bars Cheap Online

Kontera is an advertising service which displays in-text links via a custom technology called ContentLink. Cheap Xanax Bars For Sale Content Link (once installed) will scan your blog pages for contextually relevant keywords and then automatically turn those into links to advertisers, thus earning you the blog owner money.

I decided to give Kontera a try as not only do I plan to Buy Xanax Cod Delivery fully before the year is out, but also because an additional level of customization was available via Buying Xanax Online Bluelight for WordPress. This plugin will allow you to pick and choose which blog posts you will allow Kontera ads to display on, so say for example you are publishing a paid review or an article and you do not want it to have Kontera ads on it, you simply select not to when posting. This allows great flexibility and gives you control over where ads appear.

Having Kontera installed will hopefully bring in some welcome income and all at no additional effort.