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As promised earlier in the month, I would come back and review which of my goals I reached that I set in 2008. I somehow don’t think I did to well, but the way I figure, I can’t move forward and set new goals or even revised goals, without overlooking those I have set in the past. You need to look back in order to go forward.

So without further a due, lets get the ball rolling and take a look at the goals set back in Janurary of 2008.

1. Get a custom blog design – Fail

As with any good blog a custom design is a must, and ever since opening my blog I have been using the free theme you are currently seeing, which of course means I failed in getting a custom theme for my blog online in 2008. Although this goal is/was not a complete failure, I started to create a custom design very early on last year, but for one reason or another, decided not to use, despite developing it nearly to completion. I may end up finishing of the theme and releasing it for free, who knows. But ever since deciding against using the above as a theme, I began working on a new design, one which created more of a personal branding for myself and my blog, and what I want the blog to be overall. Hopefully, that should be online soon, but it seems I always end up wanting to tweak, so don’t hold your breath!

2. Increase blog earnings – Success

I pointed out that although my blog was a place for me to detail my online activity, I also wanted to use it as a revenue stream. I detailed how I would like to earn about £100 per month from my blog, and although I didn’t reach this goal, I did earn a somewhat regular income from my blogging activity, mainly through writing reviews. I shall continue to do so, and hopefully it will become more of a regular part of my blogging overall. In addition to reviews, other income methods will be integrated in to my blog.

3. Learn to drive – Fail

“I hope to learn and pass my driving test, thats the goal. Buying a car is not.– That’s what I said back in January of last year, and I can safely say I came nowhere close to passing this goal. I do have my provisional licence now which enables me to learn, but as of yet I have taken no lessons. I figure failing this goal came down to a lack of desire, and no need at current to drive, public transport does me fine. As to whether it does in the future, who knows, either way I need to learn eventually.

4. Blog More – Success

Despite saying I was hoping to blog at least five times a week, which I clearly did not, I am marking this one as a success anyway, as my posting frequency did improve to a level at which I am now happy with. I think making more regular short posts while ok, may not be deemed as valuable, content wise, as more infrequent larger posts. Your thoughts?

5. Launch WebmasterPlay – Fail

A central How To Order Xanax Online Forum, ‘webmasterplay’ didn’t see the light of day in 2008, and I am really bummed out about that as it’s a project I have been longing to get on the road, but it requires a lot of attention, which it just didn’t see due to work on Gamebrit, and starting Kufu.

6. Increase RSS Subscriptions – Success

By no means did I hit my projected goal of 500, but i did increase my subscriber count from it’s initial zero. This can only continue to rise by promoting it more, and integrating subscriber opportunities into my blog more effectively.

7. Get into my final year of University – Success

I am currently in my final semester of my final year of University, meaning I acheived my goal of getting into my final year of my Web Technology degree. For my final degree project I am making a website which I hope will be usefull to a lot of freelancers in the online space, so be sure to catch some future blog posts about that.

8. Launch and make a success of Gamebrit – Success

After a hefty development period and many delays Buy Alprazolam Online Mexico finally launched in the summer of 2008, August to be precise. I outlined in my goals how I wanted the site to be attracting a minimum audience of at least 15,000 uniques per month before the end of 2008. It reached that goal, and then some, reaching over 50k in December. Keeping up this momentum is key to the success of the site.

9. Purchase an iMac – Fail

This just did not happen. Plain and simple, other things came about, like my holiday to Turkey, going to Leeds festival, and moving house yet again. It was always somewhat of a dream goal, but hey, we can all dream. Maybe 2009 will bring me some desktop apple joy.

10. Increase overall earnings – Fail

Sure I made money online in 2008, than I did in 2007, but not to a level I was happy with, I’m mainly putting this as a failure as a means to motivate myself further. Let’s see the potential.

So that makes a total of five successful goals, to five failed ones. I met you in the middle 2008. With this reflection done, it’s useful in scoping future goals and what I can and can’t reach. Look out for my 2009 goals soon. How was 2008 for you?

Xanax 1Mg Buy Online

2008 was an interesting year. had somewhat of a rollercoaster year, some months having more posts than others and at times my blog experience lots of traffic to nearly none. This is my ‘Year In Review – 2008’.


In January of 2008 I made a total of 18 blog posts, covering such topics as Buying Xanax Online Reviews, Bluelight Xanax Online, and of course Best Price Xanax Online (which I will review in an upcoming post). The site received over 1,300 unique visitors from a ;

Alprazolam Online Purchase In India

I have recently added a number of photographs that I took over the Christmas period to Xanax Bars Cheap Online, be sure to check them out and leave a comment or two.

Cheap Xanax Bars For Sale Buy Xanax Cod Delivery

Alprazolam Powder Online

Another month, another year, and here is the top Entrecard droppers from the last month of 2008, December!

For those of you who don’t know, Entrecard is a service in which bloggers (mainly smaller blogs will benefit) can ‘purchase’ advertising for free, through the use of ‘Entrecard credits’, these credits can be gained by visiting other blogs and dropping your Entrecard. If you want to know more about this blogging tool you can Xanax Generic Online and of course you can always just Alprazolam Cheap itself. I have been using the service for just over a year now and not only have I discovered several new blogs via the site, but I have also gained subscribers and plenty of traffic, in fact Entrecard brought in 28% of my traffic last year (2008).

Anyway, as promised here is those blogs who clicked on my Entrecard the most last month, enjoy your free link back:

With it being the New Year I’m feeling generous so, verITableLIFE, as the top dropper this month I am giving you 300 Entrecard credits for free, just for dropping by my blog. Entrecard users be sure to keep on reading my blog and dropping your card, as not only will you possibly get a link back but you could also gain som free Entrecard credits!

Buy 3 Mg Xanax

Happy New Year to all my readers! 2008 has come and gone, and 2009 is here! How did you spend your New Year’s Eve, be sure to share! As for me, I had a bunch of friends over for a house party, so much fun! Anyway, I wish all my readers a great year and hope it is a good one for you.

Lincoln Fireworks

If your new to my blog be sure to Buy Alprazolam From Mexico and leave me a message, Alprazolam 1Mg Buy Online, and drop a message here just to say Hi!

Order Alprazolam

Just a short blog post to wish all my readers a very Happy Christmas! I hope you all have a great day and enjoy the festive period with those close to you.


Be sure to leave comments about your day and any cool gifts you have received!

Xanax Online Usa

Recently I have been working on a redesign for my blog, mainly because I feel it’s about time I got a personalized look and a unique design to help strengthen my online identity and brand. I have made several designs and mocks in photoshop but haven’t really hit the nail on the head yet with the look I want to go for.

When the time is right I will no doubt show the mock designs, and of course the design I plan to go with here on the blog. In terms of avatarcolours I will be using blues, greys and blacks, and for branding I will continue to build upon using my personalized avatar, be it in advertising, emails and around the site. As for coding the design from a psd to a valid WordPress theme I am still on the look out for somebody to complete this task, and despite me having a few people/companies in mind I am always open to suggestions, so either drop a comment below or contact me.

Getting a custom design for my blog was one of Can I Buy Xanax In Mexico, and now having made a start on visualizing how I want it to look, I am feeling very confident on reaching this goal.

Buy Alprazolam For Dogs

Happy New Year! I hope you all have a great 2008 and achieve all that you aim to. (Also to bring in the new year, a congratulations from Scott at Buy Original Xanax for winning my small holiday Buy Alprazolam Online Cheap.)

Now as for my plans for 2008, these include goals for my blog, my sites and personal aims:

1. Get a custom blog design:

Mainly a goal I hope to achieve far before 2008 is even close to finished, I want to give it’s own look and feel. It’s commonly known that using a public free theme (despite their merits) is frowned upon. Having a design unique to me gives my blog an identity, a brand, and recognition. 3Mg Xanax Bars Online has ;