Running on WordPress 2.5

It may have taken longer than it should, but is finally running on the stable release of WordPress 2.5. I mentioned in a previous post that the latest version of the popular blogging platform was on the way, and now, as you may have read on other blogs, it finally has arrived.

After having the new version installed for over a day now, I have familiarised myself with the new layout and although it is a very different it has several neat new features which overall make the back end experience all the more a pleasure to use. If you haven’t upgraded, be sure to do so now.


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  1. Must get mine updated to the latest WordPress as well. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Can I at least advise you to at least take a look at my NEGATIVE review of 2.5. To a lot of people it LOOKS good, but working with it is an entirely different thing.

  3. I’ll have to ditto that, it sucks

  4. Roll back while you still can.

    I regret not FULLY exploring it before I got so deep.

    Just try to insert images into your posts and make sure that works.

    Good luck

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