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Twitter today announced that Buy Xanax 2Mg from those that they follow; although twitter did ensure that it was clear that users will still be able to update to twitter from their mobile devices using the same old Twitter UK number. So you can update, you just can’t receive while on the move.

The disappointing yet understandable move comes due to the problems in forming a deal with UK mobile networks and due to the rising costs involved in sending the messages, all coming from twitter’s own pocket (up to $1000 per year, per user).

It’s the rising popularity of the service which keeps effecting the micro-blogging site, for example the ;

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Buy Xanax Cod Delivery

  1. Quite a few businesses would have been willing to pay a subscription in order to continue the free service. But instead of taking advantage of demand, twitter just cut everyone off with no warning. A really dumb move.

    This comes off the back of twitter using a ‘UK’ number that was not actually in the UK, meaning some network operators charged international rates for each txt.

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