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Apologies for the lack of updates in the past week, it’s been a busy one!

Goal number eight in Buy Xanax 2Mg is to launch gaming site How To Order Xanax Online Forum, I briefly mentioned it in the linked blog entry, but today I am going to go into more details as to what to expect.

Development on the site began just before Christmas, with the basic design being completed (see blog image for a sneak peak). The site is currently functioning and running on a good content management system, currently I am just adding content, and of course games into the database, which is taking far more time than I would like. I could outsource this menial work, but trying to keep costs down is key.

The site, as you may have guessed is going to focus on gaming, specifically within the UK. I hope to eventually be able to interview, and run features on UK game development houses and studios. I have successfully gained a foot in the UK gaming industry before (although a small one) so I see no reason why I cannot do it again with a more focused site.

In addition to the aforementioned CMS, which I will touch upon in more detail in a later post, I will also be implementing a forum to hopefully gain some community around the site; a collection of UK gamers, interested in the development of the UK in the gaming industry, oh and bloody good writing.

I initially wanted the site to be ready this month, but due to lengthy input processes I can see this being knocked back. Either way I will keep you updated on it’s progress, this post was really just to let you know, and because I am excited about the opportunities the site will bring. Any questions or comments, just leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Alprazolam Powder Online


Xanax Generic Online

  1. Sounds good, and a nice name as well.
    Please keep us up-to-date with your progress on this project 😉

  2. I used to run the gaming side of Buy Discount Xanax from 98′ to 02′. At the time the site was huge, but life takes you in different directions and nVmax wasn’t one of them.

    At the time I was working with all of the big gaming houses to get as many reviewable and previewable items (software and hardware). Those were good times.

    If you need any help, give me a shout. 🙂

    p.s. the link above is my post about reminiscing about the nvmax website.

  3. If you don’t mind me asking, what CMS are you using? I am looking for a CMS for a game site.


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