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Red Faction: Guerrilla Review

Today sees the release of Red Faction: Guerrilla for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 here in the UK. The game is an action adventure game that takes place on a sandbox style planet Mars.

I’ve reviewed the PlayStation 3 version of the game for my gaming website, and the review in full can be read in full here. Below is a small excerpt of the review can be seen below:

Red Faction: Guerrilla offers plenty of gameplay, yet sadly the poor storyline and the lack of ;

Poker and Poker Tables

My relatively small interest in poker is on the rise, from not knowing hardly any hands a few years back, to now playing on a somewhat regular basis. I enjoy playing every now and then, be it either playing online on the Xbox 360 or at a friends poker evening every couple of weeks; I am yet to look into playing for cash online, but I would like to. I am slowly getting better, and have been looking into getting my own set of chips and possibly even a table, it would be nice to be able to host a casual evening of texas hold’em with some friends. sells a ;

Ecommerce Website Software

Secure, reliable, trusted. All things you would expect any online ecomerce software to be. Thankfully Americommerce, which provides users a simple way to set up with ease can proudly claim those attributes as their own.

Many folks often want a really simple way to sell their goods online, and many sites out there offer a solution, Americommerce offer a ;

Find all kinds of information about Photography

As many readers of my blog may know, I am quite keen on taking the odd photograph. Many updates on my blog in the past have concentrated on my picture taking and the hardware I use (Nikon D40). With this in mind I am always interested in discovering new photography sites (when not browsing Flickr of course).

rent a car bulgariaOne such example is the photographer blog at This blog has been updating since about August of 2007 and regularly updates with a ;

Create Free Forums

The Internet has a handful of websites that offer the ability to make a forum, some for free, others not. Not surprisingly, are one of the sites that offer forum creation for no cost. Of course when using these services your freedom in what you can achieve is limited to that of a paid solution, but for something more casual and informal the options available are more than adequate.

The free forums available at offer up to 1GB of storage, over 40 different themes to choose from, and the option to personlise it to! To create a forum (phpbb) all you have to do is simply fill in a simple form on the site, you choose a name, the launguage you want your forum to be, and that’s it! For a free option, this may be worth trying, especially if you want to get some experience with phpbb before trying a dedicated solution.

Buy & Sell Tickets Including 6 Nations, With Viagogo

Viagogo is an online ticket exchange site which was formed back in 2005, and aims to offer folks an environment to buy and sell tickets for ;

Australian Web Design from Diggy

Diggy is an established web design company based in Brisbane, Australia that have been in operation since 1997, and since then have produced more than one thousand different websites for ;

BlogReviews#3: Review Bunker

This is the third post in my series of BlogReviews, if you are interested in receiving a free blog review, please click here to find out more information.

ReviewBunker is a relatively new blog which launched in November of last year. It has a simple yet ambitious goal to review ‘everything’. It would probably be more appropriate to say that ReviewBunker will review ‘anything’.

To those new to the site you are instantly greeted with a simple yet concise blurb of text as to what the blog is about, which contains links to other sections of the site, this is a great way of letting visitors know what your about, although a suggested addition to this front page presence would be to add a link to the ‘request review‘ page.

The content on ReviewBunker is random to say the least, and for those of you looking for a review blog which concentrates on a specific area then this blog is not for you. ReviewBunker covers a wide range of products, websites and services from things like Brownie Cake Mix, Office boxes, even movies and restaurants. Despite this random mix, the writing is very concise and informative as well as pleasantly informal. If you do happen to find a review that takes your interest then I recommend reading it, as without a doubt it will be helpful.

ReviewBunker also offers readers the opportunity to become a guest blogger and review anything for the blog, so if you are looking for an outlet to review something, or anything, then this may be worth checking out.

The site uses a free blog design, which is customized with an appropriate header image, the colour scheme is easy on the eyes and overall flows well, and boasts well integrated AdSense adverts. Oh, and it has the Entrecard widget, which is great.

My only concern for ReviewBunker is that its content area is to broad, and it may be wise to cut this down, visitors will never know what to expect. Maybe even just reviewing offline products exclusively, and not reviewing websites. Reduce confusion.

A well written blog, with potential to shine. Focus and concentrate your niche to a more specific area, and keep up the good work.


I recently outlined my plans to be making £100 ($200) per month from this blog by the end of 2008, and although this may not seem like much to some bigger bloggers, I think its a realistic goal that I have good chance of reaching.

In order to monetize my blog I decided to sign up for ;

The Entrecard Effect

It’s been nearly a month since I installed the Entrecard widget here on my blog, and I am more than happy with the benefits gained from adding it.

Haven’t heard of Entrecard? Here is a brief description of what to expect from this social blogging tool:

Entrecard is the first and only free exchange network for 125×125 ads. Through this revolutionary platform, you can advertise your own 125×125 Entrecard on any blog in the network, for free, for a number of days.

Since installing the 125 by 125 widget here at my visitors numbers have doubled, with a good majority of that new traffic coming directly from Entrecard. This increase in visitor numbers is also down to me blogging more, but still the incoming traffic sure is encouraging and proves that this advertising system works. For the traffic benefits alone Entrecard is worth looking into, but it offers so much more than that. In the month I have been a member I have found several new blogs which I now regularly read and enjoy checking.

I highly advise installing this hot widget, not only for traffic but to increase your RSS count, readership and earn new blogging friends.