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On My Holidays – Back In Two Weeks

That’s right folks, after what seems like a pretty busy year (so far), what with University, moving house and starting up Kufu (which is now online by the way), I am off on an all-inclusive holiday to Bodrum in Turkey for two weeks.

View of Bodrum

Flickr has a really nice selection of pictures from the area which are worth checking out, and I have to admit it has gotten me really excited about going, which thankfully is only in a few hours time. So with that, I am off, my flight is in less than 8 hours so I need to get some sleep, see you in two weeks!

New Pictures On Flickr

Just a quick post for those of you who follow my picture taking over on Flickr. I recently went for a nice evening stroll with my ladyfriend and the good old DSLR and think I took some rather nice shots.

Sun & Trees

You can view the set here, or by visiting my usual flickr page. Feel free to leave a comment or two, be it here or directly on Flickr.

Off the grid, but busy with Kufu.

It seems in the past two months my blog hasn’t seen much love, but rest assured this isn’t down to me fleeing the online scene, in fact far from it. Since moving house back in April and finishing University for the year in early May (exams, fun!) I have been in the process of starting up a design company with three other good friends, all of which have a good background in design, coding and of course running a business.


The company is based in Lincoln, UK, and last week we finally moved into our office in the heart of the city center. I am currently in the process of designing the companies website and hopefully soon we should all be ready to go. Kufu is the companies name (or Kufu Design if you so wish), and we are on the look out for clients to get the ball rolling, so if you need a design making, a whole site coding or something more simple do not hesitate to get in touch and help us out as we start out. You can find us at, which currently has just placeholder contact details up, but keep an eye on the site as it will be changing soon.

Let us know your thoughts!

Good Connection News!

Finally! I have finally been given a date as to when my Broadband will be connected, and its just under 4 days away. My connection will go active on the 19th, which is pretty much a month since I moved, which is frankly ridiculous but hey it’s nice to finally know when things will all be connected!

Once the connection is active normal blogging will resume here at along with new opportunities to get your site reviewed or advertised here, so keep a look out for that. In the mean time if your interested in advertising on my blog the 125×125 spot on the right sidebar is soon to be available at a cost of $17 USD’s a month, so if you want in or just want to ask any questions get the early bird email to me now at: It will be nice to return back online to a few emails from my readers!

See you on Monday!

Another Moving Related Update

It seems like ages since I moved house, but ever since I moved I have been offline and having troubles getting all the communication services back up and running. It turns out the phone company (BT) had house number 52 as my new address, when infact it is 62. This error made the whole process of getting my phone line, and in turn my broadband recconnected all the more slower.

Thankfully my phone line has now been connected. So now I am just waiting on the broadband, and Sky informs me that for some reason it will take 10 to 15 days to connect my service…..why are things so slow, or am I just really impatient? Either way I should be back soon, with a view reviews and thoughts, and again hopefully a new design to follow.



Over the weekend I moved house, and I’m finally settlig in and getting everything out of boxes and into it’s new home. Moving is a painfully slow process, especially when it comes to getting all the services sorted, such as gas, electricity, phone, TV and so on. Unfortunatly the phone cannot be recconected for about a week, meaning I currently have no Internet at my new place…I am currently posting from University.

When I return online expect a few reviews of some sites, along with a tour of my new place, hopefully in video format, among other things. Keep leaving comments, sending emails and dropping your entrecard, as I am still checking things!

Happy Easter

I had some free time this evening and came across this Photoshop tutorial over at PSDTuts and decided to give it a go, so here is a wallpaper to celebrate Easter, just click the below image to see the full size version (1280×1024).

Easter Wallpaper

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a happy easter!

No Power? What do you do?

Today I woke up and opened my laptop to check my emails, but that wasn’t to be as for some reason I had no wireless signal. After a bit of investigation work the realization was that there had been a power cut, and the power was still down.

I am currently on my Easter break from University (I do a Web Technology course) so I planned to put some serious time and effort into working on my ;

Link Love

LoveYouSo Valentines Day is here, and what better way to celebrate this loving day (I can think of several…) than spreading some e-love right here online. Wikipedia has some interesting facts about Valentines Day and it’s history along with how things change in different country’s and cultures, worth checking out, be an educated lover!

But yes anyway, on to the love, below is a long list of blogs I deem worthy of checking out (or just blogs of friends!), so why not give them a little love today and click through, you may find something you like, or even love. Also if your feeling generous maybe you to can blog about other blogs you like, spread some love guys! The blogs below are in no form of order:

That’s a lot of love! Enjoy your link love, and be sure to spread some yourself! Happy Valentines Day!
Photo by Andrew Jalali

New Photos On My Flickr

Today I went around a small area of uphill Lincoln (the city where I currently live) and took a small selection of shots just Grimey Bikeas the sun was setting. Be sure to check them out over at my flickr page now, and either leave some comments over there or of course here at the blog.

For those of you unfamiliar with my blog it may be worth reading this entry, which details my new D40 DSLR camera.

I hope you enjoy the images!