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Does the Red Bull Stratos jump matter? Yup.

“there’s something refreshing about the idea that millions of people spent at least a few minutes marveling at the old-fashioned exploits of a brave man in a spacesuit”

Finding your voice and tone

A great little site highlighting how important it is to get your web copy just right.

Lots of clear well put forward common sense advice.

Crazy Taxi coming to iOS

Looking forward to this.

Cook’s Maps Letter

It’s refreshing to see a CEO take this approach — being honest and upfront that something isn’t quite right. Rightly so, as Maps on iOS 6 suck – as this article from my home-town so painfully highlights.

What struck me as interesting is Tim Cook openly recommending that people try other rival mapping applications, suggesting that a fix for the numerous problems in the Apple’s new Maps app aren’t coming anytime soon.


£2-a-month broadband levy will not save newspapers

The first comment nails it:

“A £2-a-month levy on automobiles could save our horse and cart business.”

How to fix iOS 6 Maps

Open Safari and navigate to

Google Maps - iOS 6

Add to Home Screen.

Google Maps - iOS 6


Google Maps - iPhone

iOS 6 Maps Are Just Plain Wrong

If there is one thing you want a map to be, its accurate.

The BBC have a good round-up of the gaping flaws users here in the UK are facing. It’s quite clear this isn’t ready for prime-time on an international level at all.

Enough Said?

Apple Samsung Charger

*NoteThe graphic above says Apple has made “two changes over more than 10 years”, which isn’t technically correct as the dock connector was introduced nine years ago in 2003. 

Why Android Phones Are Doing Much Better Than Android Tablets

Interesting points on why Android’s traction in the mobile space is much greater than with tablets — carriers are happy to push phones to customers, not so much on tablets.

Quick Tip: Display the Degree / Celsius Symbol on the iPhone

iPhone keyboard - Degree symbolEveryone loves to talk about the weather. It seemingly bonds us all in a common yet mundane dialog.

Recently I was trying to tell someone via text what the temperature was, and I couldn’t easily find the degree symbol quickly.

It turns out it’s really simple to get it to show up, you just need to know where it is.

All you have to do is hold down your finger on the ‘0’ (zero) key and a little alternative degree ‘°’ symbol pops up. Tap it, and you have what you need.

Oh, and for those wondering it’s 4° today.