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Mark Gurman for Bloomberg on how the “once iconic computer” is now getting far less attention than it once did:

If more Mac users switch, the Apple ecosystem will become less sticky—opening the door to people abandoning higher-value products like the iPhone and iPad.

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People’s internet consumption now happens on mobile, and the thing people do the most on mobile is use social media platforms. That is the internet now. If you don’t understand this, you’re behind.

— Gary Vaynerchuk


I found myself nodding along with Xanax 1Mg Buy Online, and it’s frustrating to see how many don’t seem to be getting it. Still.

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iTunes has been bloated for years — this is no secret.

Many have called for it to be stripped back and simplified, with certain features (such as managing your iPhone) moved out to their own dedicated applications.

The recent launch of Apple Music has ignited discussion once more for iTunes to find some clarity. As such, concepts of just what a simplified iTunes would like have started to pop up. Andrew Ambrosino took a stab at mocking up what a ‘just music’ iTunes would look like.

I like it.

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Once you accept the premise that a life is only worthwhile if it is truly notable and great, then you basically accept the fact that most of the human population sucks and is worthless.

Interesting read from author Mark Manson on what it means to be ‘average’.

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Pretty pictures!

I’ve been using Instagram for a few years now, and never thought to share here on my blog that I was using the service.

I was a little apprehensive when , but ever since the 2012 acquisition the app has largely remained unchanged, with any alterations only positive. Yes, ads are coming, but that’s a required component of a free service.

If I’m not taking pictures of my cats then you’ll no doubt find snaps from my travels. Alprazolam Powder Online

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Jeff Garlin has a new podcast, and if you are a fan of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm then you’ll definitely enjoy the first episode. His guest is Larry David.

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The Verge reviews the new 2012 iMac and Mac Mini, noting that the hybrid SSD/HDD Fusion Drive is a “very good idea” adding that although “Apple didn’t invent the idea”, “it nails the execution” – something which is safe to say about a lot of Apple’s work.

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Yup, seems like confusion about Windows 8 and the Surface is rife, even for Microsoft Store employees.

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Late-sixities former L.A. resident revisits the city he grew up in, virtually:

“a refreshingly thoughtful-almost intellectual-scenario that I would not have expected in something called a game”.

Good read from Eurogamer.