Month: October 2008

Find all kinds of information about Photography

As many readers of my blog may know, I am quite keen on taking the odd photograph. Many updates on my blog in the past have concentrated on my picture taking and the hardware I use (Nikon D40). With this in mind I am always interested in discovering new photography sites (when not browsing Flickr of course).

rent a car bulgariaOne such example is the photographer blog at This blog has been updating since about August of 2007 and regularly updates with a variety of photography based topics. Such as the differences between photo taking as a hobby (like myself) or as a profession, to other such detailed posts like the history of the humble Polaroid. The blog has a fairly simple apperance and could do with a little more personality from the author but beyond that the content is detailed and informative, and for those who have a slight interest in photography, or are new to the hobby then it may be worth checking out, you may learn something!

Launching a new site soon!

I blogged at the beginning of the month how I won a contest over at Flockey. Since then I have claimed my various prizes, and soon I will be ready to show the results. To begin with I had a PSD created by James McDonald which was then coded by BreakCoding.

I hope to be launching the new site within the next few weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on my blog as I will be sure to update it with more news!

New Flickr Images – October

I have just been at my mum’s new place with my girlfriend for the weekend, and I took a fair few snaps, all of which can be found over at my Flickr account. I have dumped them all in this set for your easy viewing pleasure.

As always comments, both here and on Flickr are appreciated.

Gamebrit Update

I have mentioned Gamebrit on several occasions during the life of my blog, and for those of you who keep track I last posted about it all the way back in July. Since then the site has gone on to launch and is currently in it’s third month, more details about it’s early development can be found in this March blog posting.

During the development of the site I had a number of people asking me which content management system the site was running, and I can now reveal that the site is running on the relatively unknown CMS ‘Adapt CMS‘. The Adapt CMS website explains the system as so:

AdaptCMS is a PHP CMS that is made for complete control of your website, easiness of use and easily adaptable to any type of website. It’s made easy with advanced custom fields, a very simple but powerful template system and much more.

The system is far from perfect but it is really simple to use, easy to customize, and get to grips with and the support is superb, friendly and personal, so it’s a CMS worth checking out.

As for the sites success, I mentioned back in my January ‘Goals for 2008‘ post that launching the site and making a success of it was one of my many aspirations for the year. The post details that I wanted the site to be reaching a target audience of around 15k uniques per month before the year is out, and thankfully the site is well on the way to reaching that target, with a growing popularity month on month, with it currently averaging around 8,000 uniques. I will revisit my 2008 goals, once the year is over, so be sure to check that to see if I make a success of it.

Finally, if your into gaming, then be sure to check Gamebrit out, join the forum community,  oh and please do follow the site, and it’s two owners (myself and Leo Worsdale) on twitter!

Create Free Forums

The Internet has a handful of websites that offer the ability to make a forum, some for free, others not. Not surprisingly, are one of the sites that offer forum creation for no cost. Of course when using these services your freedom in what you can achieve is limited to that of a paid solution, but for something more casual and informal the options available are more than adequate.

The free forums available at offer up to 1GB of storage, over 40 different themes to choose from, and the option to personlise it to! To create a forum (phpbb) all you have to do is simply fill in a simple form on the site, you choose a name, the launguage you want your forum to be, and that’s it! For a free option, this may be worth trying, especially if you want to get some experience with phpbb before trying a dedicated solution.

September Entrecard Top Droppers

A few days late but here is my monthly appreciation post for Entrecard users. A few days late but hey! As ever if your not familiar with Entrecard check out this post. Here is the list of the top bloggers who dropped by here on my blog in September, to all those on the list you just got link from a PR4 blog:

I won at Flockey!

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a contest being ran over at Flockey, the contest was simple and to be in with a chance of winning all you had to do was subscribe and post about the competition.

The contest came to a close a few days back and I won the 2nd set of prizes, including a design courtesy of Flockey, coding from BreakCoding and advertising on Xemion.

Once I have used up my awesome prizes, I will be sure to blog about it and share the no doubt great results!

Buy & Sell Tickets Including 6 Nations, With Viagogo

Viagogo is an online ticket exchange site which was formed back in 2005, and aims to offer folks an environment to buy and sell tickets for various live events in a safe, secure way. According to the company the trading of tickets online is traditionally viewed as a somewhat “murky marketplace” and the site aims to change that perception by offering a guaranteed method of trading tickets. Thankfully the site has a light attractive appealing design, which is simple to navigate and also boasts several security certificates which will no doubt appeal to those users wanting to use the sites services but may be skeptical due to the general “ticket tout” perception.

The site originally and primarily deals with UK events but since then have enjoyed significant growth, so much so they have expanded to other markets, including America in late 2006. Due to myself being a UK blogger I will discuss the UK version of Viagogo in more depth. Viagogo UK offer an expansive marketplace for a wide range of events, all split into easy to find categories, ranging from theatre tickets, arts events, sports events like the cricket, including ICC World Twenty20 Tickets, The Ashes Cricket Tickets, and 6 Nations Tickets; to music gigs for such big acts as Coldplay, Oasis and more.

For those for decide to buy from the site, Viagogo has a variety of payment options on offer, including major credits cards and also somewhat refreshingly for a larger trader, PayPal, yet again the more options for the consumer the better. In addition to these payment options a wide variety of information is available on the way the site works, which really does ensure that visitors fully understand the sites working practices before use.


If your running a site or a blog, be it an entertainment or music site then Viagogo has an affiliate program on offer through the affiliate network Zanox, so be sure to check that out if your looking to make some additional income through your site.

Viagogo has plenty of support options, with guides, telephone support and more; all of this in a simple to use site. For those with spare tickets to sell, and those looking to grab a sold out ticket Viagogo could be a superb resource and a more reliable option than other choices (for example eBay). If your after a ticket (or just wanting to sell) then be sure to consider Viagogo.